Friday, February 15, 2013

My Own New Abbreviation ABWM!

 After I'd made my first nursing suit last spring, I was trying to draw a good pattern and mark out the measurements for it. I foudnd that of course, my waist measurement was a few inches off what it had been before baby. So instead of marking (waist) where I usually would, I put ABWM. It translated *AFTER BABY WAIST MEASUREMENT* I was quite pleased with myself and thought people (moms) would rather like the idea :-) But..I've never mentioned it to anyone except my sister, so no one could have known about it anyway. This evening I was updating some size charts and pictures. I finally took the time to make a few of my own size charts, like I've been needing to get around to! Here's the one I made for the nursing suit...


These are my estimations of what the waist size would be. If anyone else's differed from this, whether it be smaller, (I'd be surprised, and jealous) or bigger, I can always accommodate you :-) Or at least do my very best!!  
 I'm unsure of whether it should have been only 2 inches more than the regular sizes, or 3? I think mine was 3. In any case, its larger for a bit more room :-) 

For comparison sake, here's the regular scrunch top size chart... 



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tugg&Theethe *Sensory Baby Toy

So I had this huge pile of scrap swim fabric that I was just going to throw away but I had this idea to make a baby toy out of them. I've seen many people make similar things, and I've even heard that they're sold in stores by a company called T a g g i e s.  I've never bought one from them.. But today after I'd made a few of my own design, I came across this article that said the owners of  T a g g i e s  had a patent that said its illegal for anyone to make and sell blankets, burp cloths, toys, etc with ribbons on them or just make them for home use. "Any loop sewn between two pieces of fabric" they say they own it. As ridiculous as that is, because people have made things with ribbon loops on them from the time of my Grandmother's sewing days, they do have a patent that affirms that you can't copy their idea (even though it didn't originally come from them) Mine do have a loop or two but if I was to sell any of them, I'd probably cut the loops to avoid any unwanted warnings from the company. 

Take a look, they're cute as can be! I especially like the one with the braided fabrics!!! They're made from swimwear fabrics only. 80% Nylon, and 20% Spandex. Since this fabric is made for water, it can go in the bathtub, and in the pool too! Use the loops to attach a floatation toy. (if mine in the future don't have loops they'll have something that will allow you to tie a toy onto it) Other than that, those sweet babies can drool on it to their heart's content! :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January's Scrap Pile

Just for kicks I kept all of my swimwear scraps from just the month of January. Its quite a pile! I saved them long enough to take a picture, and as I was about to throw them out, an idea hit me. If it works out, I'll be able to use 2/3 of the scraps!

Stay tuned for what might become of these scraps :-)