Friday, January 25, 2013

Memories of Valentines

In 2010 my 'then' suitor Josh, (now Husband) had asked me to a Valentines Swing Dance. I made a dress for the occasion and his mother made him a matching vest. I thought with Valentines coming up I'd make a post with pictures :-) What could be more fun?!

I used a vintage ADVANCE pattern.

Pattern found on Etsy. I love Etsy! I also found my Sister's Wedding Dress Pattern on Etsy.   


First I made a mock up in cotton fabrics...

 Later I took better outdoor pictures.

After the mockup, I knew all the adjustments that needed to be made for the actual dress I'd be wearing to the dance. 

Pictures were taken by my friend Tasha :-)

 It was later that evening I got my first "I Love You" from Josh <3 Two weeks later we were engaged to be married!  *I am hoping to wear the dress for a Valentines Dance again this year. And yes, it still fits...even after baby :-)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heavy Weight Swim Fabric

Through out the year, here and there, I put in orders for swimwear fabric. Okay, I'll fess up...I buy fabric almost all the time lol! My hubby knows its true! Not that its constant, but I do keep an eye out for things I think I'd like. This past Summer, in with some of my fabric orders, came this heavier weight fabric that I'd never seen before. My first feelings were despair, frustration, and simply not knowing what to do! I thought, "This is not what I wanted! What am I supposed to do with it?" This new fabric was different in several ways. It was heavier, a little stiffer, it may not even stretch as far as the medium weight fabric did! The medium weight is what's known as 6oz fabric; this new stuff was 8oz weight; heavier stuff. :sigh: I was not thrilled but I did give it a try here and there. Maybe there was hope for it yet...

~ I made my second nursing suit from it.~

It turned out really great. Sure, it was a little snug getting over my shoulders but that was the only issue I had with it. Maybe its just me, I do have rather broad shoulders :-)

 ~ * ~

I made an Ice Skater Suit for Judith, which she loved! The sleeves were custom length.

~ * ~
And recently it hit me what a great thing it could be for a girl's suit. Face it, swim fabric doesn't last forever, and it is somewhat delicate. You have to be careful when sitting at the poolside, because concrete will snag your bottoms if you're not paying attention. Or if you're at the lake, you've got to watch out if you choose to sit on a rock. I recall always taking a towel to sit on or even a life jacket.
 Just this past week I had the 8oz fabric in my hands and thought, "You know, I haven't been able to snag this even when I've tried. (sometimes I test the durability of the fabric by rubbing my finger nail on the edge of it) This stuff seems to be un-snagable! What a great thing it would be as a girl's suit! It would last a long time!" So, I decided to make up a few to see how I liked them. What do you think?? 

I gave the bottom of the skirt a smooth finish rather than the usual ruffle. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sold out....Yay!?

 Yesterday I bought a few more swim fabrics and in the end I was unsure about one of them. Today I received an email from the seller saying he was sold out of the one I wasn't sure about, and he refunded the extra money to me. Usually I'm not too happy when that happens. But this time, I'm rather pleased! Praise the Lord! :-)

In other news, I'm working on several sewing projects, some swimwear, some not. I found a really neat skirt idea on someone else's blog that I just had to try out. So its in pieces waiting for me to get back to it. 
 I am also working on a re-purposing project taking one of my old turtle necks and making a little outfit for Jubilee. It had a few spots on the front but was so soft and such a neat ribbed fabric that I hated to throw it away. I've been taking pictures all along the way, but that project is on hold until I get some dark grey thread. 
 Two orders for swimwear in since yesterday and I've got something else on the burner that I'll be revealing as soon as I'm close to done with it.

 So much to do and so little time! Jubilee has been making things a little difficult to accomplish. She's teething and just wants to be held. She was bored this afternoon, so my Sis took her over to Mom's house so her Uncles could entertain her. So Finally I am able to do some cleaning, and sorting through some clothes like I needed to! Oh, its been so busy! Just gotta keep trucking! 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend! 


Friday, January 11, 2013

Full Coverage Baby Swimwear

*Somehow this post was deleted, not sure how that happened! I'm posting it again because this is the second time someone's asked about the baby swimwear and I've not had it there to show. We'll fix this.

Full Coverage Baby Swimwear

This was the first swimwear I made for my daughter Jubilee. It was a onesie that had sleeves and closed with snaps between the legs. I also made little leggings and a skirt as one piece bottoms. It was great for sun protection. But in the end I decided that I didn't need so much coverage for her and made a sleeveless onsie for later on in the summer. See pictures of my first full coverage infant wear below... This was made in a size 3-6 months.

Look Mom, Dots!

 Just lounging around

 Glamor Girl

 Snaps at crotch for easy changing

Friday, January 4, 2013

Todler's Purse

One day this past fall, I'd been doing some cooking and somehow one of my pot holders found its way onto the floor. Jubilee picked it up and carried it around by its little loop. She paraded all throughout the house with this little pot holder, and it hit me! The child would like a purse! Aha! That would be part of her Christmas I thought. So I searched for a simple design online and found the perfect thing. Simple and quick, and it came with a printable pattern! I already had all the things I'd need; it was a done deal. Below you'll find a few pictures I took, as well as the tutorial I used. :-) 

 Outdoor Picture

 Indoor Picture

 There she goes! Good luck getting a toddler to pose for you :-P

 I found the tutorial here: Bracelet Purse