Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend get away

I know I promised to have this up a week ago (or at least I said so on my Facebook Fan Page) and I'm sorry.. life has been more than a little busy. I think I'm going to start scheduling my posts and just write a few at a time, when I feel like it, and my brain is in blogging mode. 

I promised to show you some of what my weekend looked like...a few weeks ago. So here it is. (and I promise I'm going to do better with blogging!)

 You wouldn't think that we'd take a weekend get away at my inlaw's house would you? ;-) No, we just went for a visit, but it sure felt like a get away. When I go to my in law's home, they go out of their way to make us feel at home. My Mother-in-love many times, insists that I don't help cook or clean... and she holds the baby while I sew! That's right, she lets me bring my sewing machine and clears room for me at the kitchen table. I know right? All my crafting/sewing buddies have my permission to be terribly jealous! I'm spoiled and I like it lol! Here's the table, full of sewing machines. I brought an order I was working on... 

She and my little sister in law had their machines at the table before I so rudely interrupted things ;-) No, they didn't mind at all.

For dinner that Friday night, Mom Carty made a 5 cheese lasagna and home made bread. It was awesome! After dinner my husband and some of his siblings pulled out the Settlers of Catan game, and played a few rounds. If you've not tried this game yet, you should! 

Meanwhile, Gram and Jubilee made cookies :-)


Saturday rolled around and we had some driving to do... 2.5 hrs to a family get together that lasted 3hrs, and then drove 2.5 hrs back. That may seem like a lot of driving for that amount of time but really it seemed a lot less exhausting than what we usually do at Christmas time. We'd make that trip for lunch and presents, then go out to dinner with more family, and then drive back. Only last Christmas we didn't just go back to my in law's..we drove all the way home because hubby had to be at work the next day. It was a 5 hr drive home and after midnight when we got to bed. Now THAT was an exhausting trip! Anyway, back to Saturday... Here's a picture taken at the get together, of Uncle Doug and baby Miriam :-) We love Uncle Doug. He's a hoot!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Maternity Scrunch Top (new pictures)

I've not had pictures taken of this style since October 2011. I should have gotten some more during my second pregnancy but apparently I was busy with other things...? Yep, that happens :-) 
 Fortunately I have friends who after much badgering, (not really) consent to modeling swimwear for me. Which is awesome! Here are some new photos of the Maternity Scrunch Top....

 This top was made for a customer of mine, Beth. The bottoms pictured belong to my model, Tasha. I made them for her in 2011.

 Very nice detailed shot of the rouching, or *scrunching* as everyone is calling it :-)

~ Lovely ~

I continue to take orders for these, and people keep loving them :-) I Have 5 waiting for me to make them up now. Woohoo! Lots of lovely mama's getting pretty suits. Love it! I am blessed and my customers tell me that it is a blessing for me to make it for them. Thank you all for your support and for allowing me to do what it is I love to do! Its so awesome every time I get feedback from another happy customer. Makes me so happy :-) And I've been getting repeat customers quite a lot. Its great!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trash to Treasure

Who doesn't have an old pair of jeans with holes in the knees? Well, in this case the jeans did not have holes in the knees, they were just too short :-( I had this pair of jeans that I LOVED but they were always too short. So recently I decided to turn them into shorts! Why not? I did, after all, need a pair of denim shorts :-) They also had a stain on them, so I decided to put some applique flowers over that. Okay, I'm lying.. I was going to put the flowers on there no matter if there was a stain or not lol! Its a fun and easy project! I am feeling most brilliant at the moment :-) I have a pair of shorts now! Yay!!! 

Not the easiest thing to do to take a picture of yourself modeling clothes :-)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cute Little Suit Giveaway


Just for fun, here's a little giveaway :-)

Ice skater suit size 3 - 6 months with capri length leggings and headband! Aww :-)
(its a swimsuit for those who might not know :-)

A customer had asked for one of these in a 0 - 3 months and I was just testing out a size with this one :-)  

Winner to be announced 24 hrs after closing :-)  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*** Winner was Natasha Starling. ***
Thanks to everyone for entering!  5/15/2014

Here's a picture with the suit my customer ordered