Friday, March 28, 2014

Bum Balm for Babies *All natural*

 On Sunday I got a baby bum balm from a friend. She sent it over when she heard baby had a bad rash. I actually haven't used this on baby's bum yet. I already had some coconut oil and lavender that I was using up. But when I opened this, I was holding baby in my arms, and I was looking down at her head, which was flaking terribly. I figured it couldn't hurt to put it on her scalp, so I did. I'd tried lotions previously, and they'd not made much improvement. But the very next day after putting the balm on, baby's scalp was 85% better. I've used it twice more on her head and you can't tell that there was a problem to begin with. 
  So, if you're looking for an all natural bum balm that is cloth diaper safe, you might try Laurel's Yellowbee Baby Balm. I did say all natural. Its simply, organic coconut oil, organic bees wax, and essential oils. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pattern Workshop by Lauren Dahl

I bought this program today. Yeah..I know! *Yikes* It scares me, it really does...all of the many things I have no idea how to do when it comes to digital patterns. I had been hoping to hire someone to help me create pdf patterns. I was just wishing it would help me take a shortcut to producing patterns quickly, but it looks as though I should jump in and learn it myself. :sigh: If I plan to produce more than 1 or 2, then it would be best if I just learned how to the whole process myself. I know people have asked for patterns repeatedly, and believe me, I want to share them as much as you'd like to have them! Here's what I hope will lead me to where I want to be.

  Now, I've only watched the introduction and signed up for emails...still waiting to be added to the facebook support group. It really does look awesome. Pray for me! I need some confidence! I also signed up to be part of their affiliate team so, there's a link below the photo, and there's one on my side bar too.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jubilee's Winter Coat

As I was buying fabric to make me a Maternity Coat, the ladies in the store encouraged me to make  one for Jubilee too. I was talked into it way too easily. It was definitely worth it to make my coat, but by the time I was finished making Jubilee's, I felt it was less worth it to make a kid's coat. I'm sure it will be fine since she's got a little sister to grow into it. I used Burda 9501 to make the coat. 

I felt the instructions and illustrations were a bit lacking and could have been more clear. I actually thought this one was more confusing than the Maternity Coat I made. 

I spaced the buttons differently than the pattern suggested.

The back

Adorable shot of her picking up a pebble or some other treasure she'd found.

One stride at a time...

A dusting of snow

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project: Maternity Coat

This being my second full term pregnancy, and it being in the middle of winter that I'd be rather round... I knew I'd need to make myself a maternity coat. Being 5'11" means that its near impossible for me to find long sleeved things that are long enough for me. Sewing my own maternity coat was not an option, it was a necessity.
 First, as always, I searched the internet for ideas, patterns, and maybe if I got lucky I'd find someone who had already done this and found the perfect pattern. I did find someone who specializes in DIY Maternity, and has a website devoted to showing her work, and even gives tutorials for others who want to make their own clothing. I found my inspiration over at DIY Maternity by Megan Nielsen. She used McCalls 5766. It was not intended for maternity, but worked well just the same. I found the same pattern here at Hannah's first coat. This girl Hannah was a beginner, and if she could make a coat, then I could too. I searched for the pattern and bought it from etsy. Though when I got it I realized that the sizing was small for me and I would need to up-size it a bit. Things I would change about the coat for next time I make one (and I probably will make another) is that I will cut the arm holes a little higher, and if I use a light weight wool again, then I will find a little extra something for another layer of warmth inside the coat. It was kind of a light weight coat because the wool wasn't heavy, but it turned out lovely just the same. 

~ ~*~ ~

 These were taken at a later date. 8 months along.

I loved the fabric I found. It came from Hancocks Fabrics. I went in search of a grey, like I'd seen in the other photos posted of this coat. But I didn't see any that I liked. This green plaid caught my eye, but I did not buy it, I walked away...I thought maybe I'd get a chance to make a trip to Joann's to see if I could find something grey that I liked. In the meantime, I told a friend I'd seen a green that I liked, and she was like "Green? No, get a grey fabric". That's what I'd thought originally too... I never did get the chance to go to Joann's. Later when I was back at Hancocks, the green plaid was on sale and I just couldn't help but buy it! As I was checking out, the ladies in the store said to me, you should buy enough to make one for Jubilee (they know me well there, well enough to know my daughter's name lol!) I was talked into it way too easily. Found a burda pattern for a kid's coat and purchased my fabric. I'll post pictures of Jubilee's coat too. 
 The next day I showed the green fabric to my friend while saying, "I know you said grey, but it was on sale and I just couldn't help myself!" She saw it and said "But that's beautiful!" :-) So I made a good choice apparently. More proof in the pudding is that everyone who's seen it has loved it. It really wasn't that difficult to make a coat. I believe I will be making more in the future :-)