Saturday, January 30, 2016

Giveaways this week

Running some giveaways on my Facebook Page this week. I had 2 women's tops that had imperfections in them and because of that I would not sell them. They are free for drawing!! And the shipping is free too!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Learning Adobe Illustrator

Look out everybody! Savannah is playing with Adobe Illustrator!! :-) This is me learning and playing with text, shapes, patterns and colors today. You can't tell that I like hot pink and turquoise can you??? Its been fun. I've made a page full of notes and there's sooo much more to learn!

 Since Pattern Workshop was moved to a new site, I've been inspired to re-watch the videos and practice. I've not done a whole lot of learning on the digital side of pattern making this winter. I have done a lot of drawing patterns and testing them myself. Anyway, I just wanted to show off my exported jpeg with you :-) 

*and about the amazing text thing.. you'd have to watch the videos ;-) 

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