Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Friends, Dance, Rehersal Dinner...

September 18th was the wedding rehersal for my brother Jonah's wedding. I did not attend because 2 of my friends had birthdays on this date and we were going out to dinner :-) My husband attended the rehersal with our daughter (the little flower girl)

Birthday Dinner with friends

To make an attempt to keep this relevant to sewing, I'll throw this note in there... I made the top I'm wearing in this picture :-)

 As I waited for my family and the wedding party to arrive in town for the rehersal dinner, I stopped by dance class and took a couple pictures. I joined this dance class when I was 16 (2004), and continued going until I met my husband in late 2009 and he introduced me to swing. Which is an amazing amount of fun!!! Now with children and work we don't have much time for dance of any kind :-( We still visit the ECD group from time to time, especially when they have a ball or party :-) ECD stands for English Country Dancing. Traditional dance like you would see in a Jane Austin film. I also loved Contra when I got the chance! Anyway, here's the photos I took that evening... 

And here is a picture of the Bride and Groom at their rehersal dinner :-) 
Jonah and Emily

Wedding pictures in next blog post! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brown Wedding

September 5th, there was the Brown wedding, where our friends Lucas and Katie joined their lives to one another :-) My hubby took a few photos along side of their lead photographer.

 My hubby is getting into photography for others, and you can find his facebook page here: Carty Photography

And here are some photos of our family at the wedding :-) 

 Me here, wearing a dress I made in 2008. It fit me this fall, but it hadn't in the spring. Must have lost a couple inches in the waist lol!

 My daughters and I

 Me and the hubby :-)

Day after Brown wedding we got to hang out with the Brown family and out of town friends!