Sunday, August 24, 2014

What do you call it?

Cooking. Yes I'm gonna post about cooking. I do have to cook amongst all my sewing after all ;-) I may not post about cooking often, but at least this time... I need a name for this recipe. Please help me out!! What do we call this thing???

My mom used to do this recipe that she called 'Taco Roll Up'. Essentially she would roll out a pizza dough, put taco stuff in it (refried beans, taco seasoned meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese..) and then roll it up. But then the middle never got cooked :-( So she turned it into a big calzone and called it 'Taco Flopo'. I was never wild about the name. I need a new name for this thing! What should it be called?? See ingredients and assembly below.

Ingredients: pizza dough, taco seasoned ground beef with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

description below...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sewing for me, yay!

 On Tuesday evening I made the mistake of drinking coffee... and not going to bed. I could have gone to bed, I could have made myself lay down and go to sleep. But then, I could stay up too... so I stayed up and worked on orders. When I was finished working on orders I grabbed the new, black, knit fabric which was laying in a heap on the floor. I pulled out a pattern I'd bought months ago, and made the top I've been dreaming about making. When I finished the knit top, I rummaged through my to do bag. (which is always hanging on the back of my sewing chair) (I should take a picture of this bag, my sister made it and I adore it!) In the bag I found a partly taken apart t-shirt, which my Mother-in-Love had given me back in the Spring, I believe. And I finally went through with making a skirt out of it. The turn out was marvelous! So why stop there?? I grabbed more fabric from another heaping pile on the floor and made a second skirt! Somewhere along the sewing path, the sun came up. My girls eventually woke up and we carried on the day. We went around town to do our errands. Take off the trash, go to the bank, and the store, return home to make dinner. (I know there was more to Wednesday than that but its kinda fuzzy now!) **Oh that's right I squeezed in another sewing project before making dinner :-P** By the time I went to bed on Wednesday night I'd been awake for 38 hrs. I slept hard and did not hear hubby leave early in the morning. 

Now today, today has been wonderful. I got the carpets vacuumed, floors swept & washed. My sister, Isabel, was here from 11am to 4pm, and I helped her with some sewing. She took pictures of my new clothes I made, so I can now post for everyone to see :-) My daughter, Jubilee, who hadn't taken a nap all week, chose to take one today. Praise the Lord! And the baby was an angel today. Its been a lovely day. Enjoy the pictures that Isabel took :-) 

My knit top

more below...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3rd Leggett Married!

Leggett, that would be my maiden name, just in case y'all didn't know. My brother Micah was the 3rd to get married, just 2 weeks ago. Now my Mom only has 6 more to go... lol! 

Months before the wedding, on the joyous day of going to pick out bridesmaids dresses I was invited along, and was largely pregnant with baby #2. It was quite the car ride (ahem, van ride) with 4 expectant ladies and one who was sick a couple of times. Oh boy! Anyway... we'd gone to David's Bridal to seek out bridesmaids dresses. Beckah (the bride to be) had already found her dress, and it was lovely! Now all we needed was to choose dresses for the attendants. There were 4 of them and everyone had their own opinion. They searched for something fairly modest. They'd found one that was pretty decent. Beckah didn't know if she should send Micah a picture to see if he liked the dresses or just buy them... I said to her, "You know, its probably the most modest thing you're going to find here, Micah will probably be fine with them." And since she wanted things to be a surprise to Micah, she bought them and didn't show him a picture.
  A couple months down the road Micah saw one on a bridesmaid as she was modeling it for family, and well, we were wrong... he decided they needed to have jackets/shrugs made. Here's what the dresses looked like before.. 

 By that time it was too late to order them from David's Bridal.... more below...