Saturday, April 21, 2012

Empire Maternity Suit

Oops...I meant to post this before the Under Armor Style! :roll: Oh well...

The Empire Maternity Swimsuit

We found we were expecting in February of 2011, this meant I'd have a rather round middle by the summer time. Of course I was thinking ahead to making me a suit. I've made swimwear for 6-7 years now but had never made a maternity suit. I had ideas...ones that didn't look anything like what my mom wore when expecting some of my younger siblings though lol! Suffice it to say, my first plan didn't work out so well. It turned into this. My regular suit top worked well to a certain point...just below the bust. I liked the idea of a solid band at the under bust and then added a gathered/pleated skirt, a belly skirt, much like the skirt in the Original Style Suit. The bottoms were a little complicated. All one piece, the pants, skirt and belly band, all together. They are extremely comfortable and I loved them!! This first suit didn't have quite enough room to carry me through the pregnancy but it was so cute :-) I made a second suit, with a fuller skirt that worked really well. Not to mention I loved the fabric! It was butterflies! :-) See pictures below...

7 1/2 months

The Bottoms

Up next is the Rouched Maternity Suit

The Under Armor Suit

The Under Armor Suit

I am going to give the credit for this interesting swimming outfit to my sister Anna. She is always challenging my sewing capabilities with new ideas. But I love it, and it always makes for new designs :-) Anna wanted to buy a swimming shirt (black, under armor brand) that she'd seen in the store, and then have me make bottoms that coordinated. She wanted the bottoms to consist of the spandex pants and an A-line skirt together on an elastic band. This was the first time that I'd combined a skirt and pants together on a band. Before they each had their own band like in the Sports Style Suit. Anna chose a floral print for her skirt, one that matched her black shirt and black pants to go under the skirt. It turned out awesome! I love the way it looked on her and more importantly, she really liked it too. See pictures below. 



Showing the elastic waist band

Sports Style Suit

Still continuing on in my "style" list of swimwear. Here goes another one!

The Sports Style Suit

This consisted of 3 pieces actually. The top was a tank but wasn't closely fitted, it was loose and longer, with vents in the sides.  Stripes down the sides of the top helped give it a very "sporty", though it could be made without the stripes just as well. The skirt and pants were separate pieces with each having their own elastic waist band. However...the skirt and pants these days are combined on one elastic band, so they're one piece. This is a style I don't necessarily make this style any more, its just here as kind of a memory. See pictures below. Pictures are organized from most recent, to oldest.

 Anna wearing a Colorful print accented with purple.


 Close-up of neck and arm detail.

Close-up of top, stripes down the sides with vents. :-) 

Older Pictures....

Isabel (Middle) is wearing the "sports style" 

 I was wearing an all print version of this style

 Lisa wanted a very high neck line and an all print suit. This suit had all three pieces, not with the skirt and shorts together on one elastic band. 

Up next is a style inspired by my sister Anna.
 Its called The Under Armor Suit.

Girl's Ice Skater Suit

This is a continuation of a series I'm doing on modest swimwear "styles". 

Girl's Ice Skater Suit

The design for this suit is the same as the Women's Ice Skater Suit, only for girls. Its a fitted tank-top with a skirt that starts out fitted at the waist but flares out into an A-line shape to allow room for the hips and give a nice full, ruffly look. Worn under the skirt are spandex pants. They are separate from the top and have elastic in the waist band. Sleeves are an option, for those of us who prefer a little more sun protection. I don't have many pictures of this style in girl's sizes. I guess the reason why is that its not as popular as the Girl's Original Suit.

 My sister Anna at Fort Walton Beach FL

 Miss Alaina, 5 years old.

Anna in a Geometric Printed suit.

Rainbow Starfish

Double needle finish around the neck and arms. 

Up next is a style I don't technically do anymore but I'm going to post it anyways. Its what I call "The Sports Style Suit"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Women's 'Ice Skater Suit'

 This is a series of posts I'm doing on the different "Styles" of modest swimwear I've made in the past and in the present. This post in particular is on the Women's Ice Skater Suit. A post on the girl's will follow this one.

 Women's Ice Skater Suit

At one point this was the new 'in' thing. And well, it never really went out of style, its still really popular. A fitted bodice with a drop scoop waist. Attached to an a-line skirt which is very flattering and has such flair! The spandex pants beneath are separate and have an elastic waist band. Pictures below are in order from newest to oldest. I have many of these so I'm just choosing a few. Enjoy!

 Boat lounging

Anna Skurfing behind the boat

Me water skiing

I don't know what it is about this photo, but its awesome :-) 

Stay tuned for the Girl's Ice Skater Suit. I'm afraid there aren't as many pictures of it in the Girl's size. The Belted Style seems to be more popular among the little girls....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girl's Original Style

The girl's original style is almost the same as the women's, only in a smaller size. The top was a tank with a gathered skirt and spandex pants underneath. The pants were completely separate and had an elastic waist band. Later we used a belt at the waist, just like the Women's Pattern. This belt held everything in place quite well so nothing moved around on you when you jumped in the water. Also, like on the women's suit, the girl's suit also came with the option of a 'Bib'. This was a great idea for girls who were just starting to develop in the chest and who weren't wearing a bra yet. It provided coverage and was rather cute too. Even girls who weren't to that stage sometimes wanted that style. I have actually never made one with a 'bib', my Mom is the one who has always done that.
 One thing that is different between the women's and girl's is that though the women's is rarely made anymore, the girl's on the other hand is still a favorite :-) Pictures are from newest to oldest.



 Close-up view of neck and arm finishes.

View of ruffled skirt





Older Pictures.....


 Anna, Isabel, and I at Dale Hollow

Anna, Isabel, and I at Bear Lake

Anna, Isabel, Micah, and I

Mom's Pattern for Girls. As you can see, it didn't originally have a belt. For some reason I thought it did but I was incorrect.

Mom's old post card. She used to hand these out and people would mail them back with their pattern orders. 

 So cute :-) From left to right: Me, Abigail, April, and Mom (Donna Leggett)

The Women's Ice Skater Suit is next....