Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You can do anything with coffee!

Tuesday got off to a late start for me. I had company at noon, and didn't start my list of sewing things until late afternoon. But once I got going...I just didn't stop! I knew I would need coffee to accomplish my sewing tasks, so I took on 2 before I got into things... and had a 3rd before the night was through!

I think this was the first thing I did. Cut out knit outfits for my girlies. No pattern, just free handed, going by existing garments. Like my Mama taught me! :-)

From there I went to my mending/alterations pile and knocked out quite a few. Mostly my daughter's things. Pants need darts in the waist. A buttonhole on the shirt had come undone. Threads had popped in one place on the polka dotted panties. She took a pair of scissors to the hem of the pink shorts, so I had to cut and re-hem them. Now they're good for wearing under dresses I suppose. And in he bottom corner is a skirt for me (hopefully) I'll have to find a steel blue top to go with it. Then we'll see if its an okay style for me, or not...? About the skirt, I'll fess up.. I actually, kinda went dumpster diving for that one... but no, it wasn't in a dumpster. There's a spot at the dump where people will leave furniture/old toys/home goods/etc.. and one day it was apparent that someone had held a yard sale, and everything that didn't sell, was set at the dump. There were clearly 2 large black bags full of clothing.. so I grabbed them, took them home, and dumped them all in a pile on my back porch. I did end up throwing 1/3 of it back into the trash, because it really did need to be dumped. But some things, I couldn't believe were thrown away!!? I found 3 raincoats, one was a carter's size 3, perfect fit for my girl. Looked brand new! I also found a hot pink rain coat for me, looks perfect! And the last one was a size 2X.. since I didn't know who would fit that one, I gave it to a clothing swap. There were more things, some that seemed brand new, and I gave them to people I knew that they would fit. Dumpster diving is a little undignified, yes...but I would probably do it again ;-)

This one was a shirt that came with jeans and a sweater. When I took the sweater off the shirt, I couldn't believe how short the body was! I'm going to use this coordinating fabric from another t-shirt, to give it a nice gathered blouse below the chest. It will be an adorable tunic! I'll post a pic when its done! Will probably do it sometime next week.  I got the blue t-shirt from the clothing swap, just to use for up-cycle because the fabric was polka dots! :-)

From there I called a friend for some info. Her sister is getting married and I needed to know what colors she likes! I pulled some coordinating fabrics out for pot holders. So far, just the tops are put together. So that's part of the bridal shower gift :-) All of these fabrics were given to me by an elderly couple who loved auctions. I bought some things from them, and they gave me the fabrics for free! :-)

After all those different projects, I started on what I was supposed to be doing... (all you crafters (and procrastinators) know what I'm talking about!) A swimsuit that was on order, and needing to be done. It was past midnight when I started this project that would take several hours.. But I did it, I cut it out, put the major seams together, and did all the finishes in one, morning?? I know its just one photo, of one project..but trust me, it took hours! lol! I went to bed just after 5am, and slept till just after 8am, when baby girl woke up. I did take some nice photos of this suit outdoors. I'll post them laterz!

Now I'm going to have to follow up on all the unfinished projects I've shown lol!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Be my tester, application forum

Upcoming I will be pattern designing. Or rather, the design is already established and I will be making the PDF patterns for it. What I'm doing now is finding people who will be interested in testing patterns. Read on to get all the details.

We're going to start 
 with this style  --->

 In girls first, and then in women's, and after that, very possibly women's plus size and girl's plus size too. That depends on interest, though I think there will be requests for those. I've already had a few people ask for it in women's plus size.

 Now just when is all this to happen? Take a deep breath and be patient :-) Its coming. I wanted to put this forum out ahead of my 'call for testers' which will be coming when I have patterns ready for testing. The reason I am putting this forum out now is that I am afraid that I might be limited on the number of people who want to test swimwear. A lot of people find swimwear too difficult to tackle, or just plain frightening. So I want to make sure to find as many as possible by the time I need testers. If you're interested in testing, please do fill out the forum. The forum is going to give me the information I need to pick my testers. It also will give me your email address so that when I put in a call for testers I can look up the addresses and send out the call! You will find the link to the tester forum below the third photo :-) 

 My lovely friend Jennifer wearing a beautiful blue suit! 

This is me modeling a suit that was shipped to Canada. It was slightly short in the body but so close to my size I just had to model it! :-)

Now, you may be wondering, "What is a tester?" A pattern tester is someone who helps designers make sure their pattern is correct in size and design before it is released for sale. Some designers will have you buy the pattern up front and once you've completed the testing process and provided feedback, you are refunded the cost of the pattern. In other cases the designer simply gifts you the pattern (which may not have all the finishing touches on it yet...) The tester is then to finish the garment in a set amount of time, providing photos of their finished work and feedback on the pattern. If they do not complete the testing, they will not be chosen for future test opportunities. That is probably the route I will go.

If you are unsure about all this PDF stuff, look it up! There are so many people doing this now, its crazy! Look on etsy, search free patterns.. I probably have links to some I could share.. let me see... 

Yes, this one called the Izzy Top is a free pattern. Try it out!  

If you have questions, go on over to the 'contact me' page. I just added that :-)

***edit.. I'm also finding that since I am new to the designing world of PDF sewing patterns that the big promotion/testing groups will not allow me to promote or test anything until I've published 2 patterns and have 10+ positive feedback on my patterns. Makes it kind of difficult to find testers... I've been asking friends and posting in some groups that will allow it. And the mind turns with pattern plans... I must go to bed. Its so late! Er, um, early :-P

Friday, October 3, 2014

Jubilee's Rosie Suit

Now this is something I'm working on getting the style right... Its a girl's scrunch top and bottoms. I'd been using one method for getting the scrunch in the sides of the suit, and then I went to make this suit and changed the way I was going about that. The result was a better look and more/better scrunching.. but then my length was off and this top turned out a bit shorter than I wanted. So, its still a work in progress, but its coming :-) The skirt also needs some re-designing for sure...

This one is a little blurry, but one of the only full body shots I took. The skirt droops too much at the center front and back...

 Side view... this is where you can tell its not quite as long as I'd like it to be...

All in all, its absolutely adorable! 

Cute headband with bow!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Miriam's Rosie Suit

This pretty rose fabric has been waiting for this Summer when I made matching suits for my little girls :-) I knew Miriam was chunkier than Jubilee had been so I was sure to make it a little larger. It may have been slightly too loose but it was still adorable! 

 I also found a method for adding ruffles to the bottom :-)