Monday, December 17, 2012

Fashionable Tissues (tutorial)

Well around here at Christmastime the moms in our little church group start making crafts for each of the families in the group. Usually its a Christmas decoration that will be used for years to follow. This is a great way to build your collection of decorations and is lots of fun. But sometimes I feel to do something that isn't necessarily a Christmas decoration, and may not even be made from Christmas fabrics. This year, I was a little behind on getting started on an idea; when it hit me! An easy, fun, cute project. I decided to make tissue holders like my Hubby's Grandma had done for her tea party. They were so cute and I figured they'd not be too hard. It took only a little time to get the dimensions I wanted for the tissue holders. I took pictures along the way so, here's my little 'tissue tutorial'. 

 My first Tissue Holder

 Start with a Fat Quarter, or even a Scrap of left over fabric you like. 
 Cut a rectangle 6" x 8 5/8"

 Hem both 6" ends by first folding over 3/8" and pressing...

....and then again 1/2" and press.

 Sew it in place

 Trim is optional but really tops it off. So, I cut trim the length of the hems I'd just made.

 Trim to decorate both hems, which will be the opening of our tissue holder when we're done.

Since the edges were unfinished I pressed them under.

 I sewed the trim close to the edge.

 Once the trim was on I folded the fabric in half and pressed it with the iron. This was so I could see my center really well when I opened it.

 See, you can tell where the center is.

 Then I took both my ends and made them 'meet in the middle' at my center line.

 Both ends folded toward the center, ready for sewing.

 Strait stitch at 1/4" and zigzag the edge so it doesn't fray.

 The 'inside' of the tissue holder. All that's left is to turn it right side out and press it. I also bought the tissues and stuffed the tissue holders. They looked better that way for sure.

 Cute finished tissue holders :-)

 Love these!

 I made 17 of these in 3 different fabrics, most of which were made from a lovely tapestry fabric with coral trim. I enjoyed passing them out at my parent's Christmas Open House this past weekend. It was such fun to see the ladies delight over them :-)

  Pretty, pretty!

I have a few more to make, as I ran out at the party. My mom, sisters, and I don't have one yet...and I'm sure I'll do a few more for friends I'd still like to give them to. Usually I wouldn't do so many of any one project but this was so simple and inexpensive that I could go wild with it! :-)

I'd love to see anyone else's tissue holders that they make. So send me a picture if you make some!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Winner of the Child's Swimsuit

And the Winner is: 

Grace won the giveaway! Congratulations Grace! 

Bonus: Holly had the most entries so she's getting a 15% coupon to my etsy. Thank you all for entering!! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chirstmas Decor - Table Runner & Coasters

Last night we had my sister and her husband over for dinner. Just before they arrived I broke out the Christmas table decor. I found my green table cloth, and the table runner I'd made a few years ago. The table cloth needed ironing after being in a box but came out looking lovely! The table looked so pretty once we had it set, I had to take a picture!

 My sister made the rolls. They were awesome! I am getting the recipe for sure!

 This was an easy project my mom, sisters, and I did one year. We made about 30 of them for Christmas gifts.

This is the pattern I used to make the table runner, link below.
Lehmann Quilting Easy Table Runner #101 Pattern - Click Image to Close

Pattern found here.  

I also have the coasters to go along with it but can't find a pattern for them...

I found this that was similar.


Its the same concept but instead of folding it in rectangles, its in triangles and you overlap it the same way this pattern shows...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Child's Swimsuit Giveaway

Child's Swimsuit Giveaway


Ends Dec 7th at 1pm
This way, it will arrive before Christmas :-)  

Something cute, fun and modest for your little girl to wear swimming next Summer! This "smiles" swimsuit is so adorable with all its bright colors! Look closely to see the "smiley faces" on the fabric. This is my favorite style for little girls. The top consists of the tank, belt and skirt. The bottom of the skirt has a curly finish. Pink spandex pants are separate for easy on and off. Oh, and I added a scrunchie for her hair :-) I love this style and am happy to say that I grew up wearing this swimming, thanks to my mom who is a great seamstress.

The size of this is between a 3 and a 4 I think. Measurements follow as,

Chest: 21-22
Waist: 19-20
Hips: 22-23
Body length: 10 1/2  

What to do to ENTER...and get extra points
1.Mandatory Entry: Comment on the blog and tell me what your favorite thing I've made is.  *hint, you can look here to see some of themThings I've made. If you don't know how to describe the item, you can copy and paste link to the photo you like in the comment box. Another online album is hereInclude your email address in the comment box so I know how to contact you if you win.

2. like Creations by Savannah   on Facebook. Comment to say you did this. 1 point.
3. Comment on the blog. Tell me what your ideal Swimwear Fabric is. Do you like the prints I have in my fan page albums or no? What do you like as far as, Color, Print, Design? Is it floral, dots, geometric, solid, stripes...etc.. describe it for me :-) 2 points. Really good descriptive answers get 4 points
4. Blog about the giveaway. In the comment box leave the url where you posted. 3 points

5. Follow my blog. 1 point. Comment to say you did this.

6. Subscribe to my blog. 1 point. Leave a comment to say you did this.

7. Share an item from the Sale Section of my shop on FB. In the comment box leave the url to show you did this. Post must be public for me to see it. (if your settings are private you can make just that one post public by changing the setting at the top of the post.) 1 point. (you can do this once daily if you like) Share the link to the giveaway for another point! And leave the url where it is shared.

8. Tweet about the giveaway or tweet one of my Sale Items. Leave the url where you tweeted. 1 point ( you can do this once daily) 2 points if you do both the sale item and the giveaway, but be sure to make separate comments for each

9. Favorite My Etsy Shop. 1 point      

Okay, that's all I'm going to put you though... good luck everyone!  *as an after thought... maybe I did too much, I hope its not going to be too much to add up at the end of the giveaway!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bell's Wedding Wear

In the beginning I found an amazing looking pattern and showed it to my sister who was playing with the idea of making her own wedding dress (with my help of course). She loved the pattern and so we ordered it. We also decided that the bridesmaids (Anna and I) would use the same patten but change the style a bit and make ours shorter. This would he a bit tricky since the pattern only came in one size and it was the Bride's size. 
The pattern showed the bride's dress having a lace overlay in the picture, and so naturally this is what we thought we were going to do for Isabel's gown. When we arrived at Joann's and Isabel saw the sparkly fabric they had she was immediately drawn to it. Our plan quickly changed and formed into a new one. The brides maids were to be decked out in RED, oh my! It didn't hit me until we had my dress mostly done that I was going to have a RED dress! I'd never had a red dress before..unless you count the one time I wore one for going away at my wedding. Okay, back to sewing... I'll start by putting pictures of the Bridesmaid's dresses being constructed in here...oh, but of course, the pattern comes first so you can get an idea of what the end result will look like.

Vintage 1950s Sweetheart Wedding Dress Pattern - Simplicity 2066 - Empire Waist - Wing Collar Jacket - Size 16; Bust 34"

 * Isabel working on pinning the altered pattern to the red satin fabric.
*Jubilee had to get in on the action. She was so sweet, she wouldn't touch it because we told her not she sat there waving her arms excitedly!

Working in my living room. We have Jennifer at the ironing board. She was great help with some of the hand stitching we had to do. Me and then Bell. We also have folded laundry sitting on the floor? :-P

 All the girls, hard at work!

  Bell sewing and entertaining Jubilee at the same time. 

 So that was us working on the RED stuff, now for a few pictures of the WHITE stuff....

Pleats at the back of the Bride's dress. 

 Determining the length of the dress.

You can see the pleats at center back pretty well here. 




Getting Dressed...

 Bride and Mother of the Bride

 Beautiful <3

 With the Jacket on..

Looping our buttons :-)

 Outdoor pictures :-)


 ~ Favorite ~

 Lovely Bride <3

 Daddy with all his girls <3

~ Ceremony ~

That's All Folks!!!  :-)