Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nursing Top, Inside Out

 I've just completed and mailed off a nursing tank, to a customer. I took a few detailed photos of the top, including photos of it displayed on the dress form, with the inside facing out. I won't be typing much today, as I had a needle go through the tip of my index finger, on my left hand, and its rather sore. But enjoy the pictures! This is a design that you've seen here since Spring of 2012, but these are the first photos I've shared showing the inside of the suit.

Here is where I turned it inside out. Its difficult to tell that its inside out because the print goes all the way through the fabric. That's one way to tell you've got a good fabric :-) Look closely at the neckline and arm holes. You can see some color difference around those areas. The black half circle you see at the center chest, is my hair tie. I placed it there so you all could see where the panel stops. Its designed so that if its done right, the under panel will come up over the chest and be snug enough to stay in place.

And she got a scrunchie. I don't commonly make them for the ladies, but usually for the girls.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Playing Designer

Last night I was playing with an idea for a nursing top. This is what came out of it... 

The fist try seemed cute, but not for a nursing top. The over layer, being sewn into the side seam, kept the fabric too restricted for nursing. Pardon the rough edges on this one. I didn't take the time to finish the armholes and neckline when the photos were taken.

And so I tried again.. 



This time the over layer went all the way around the body. It was cut fuller and was much easier to lift up if someone desired to wear it as a nursing top. (If its to be a nursing top, I will cut slits in the under layer) I did finish the arms and neck of this one. Its a size 16 and will be for sale in my etsy soon. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Off the Wagon

I feel terrible. This is the worst case I've had of falling off the wagon with my blog yet! Its been terribly lacking of late and its all my fault! I've tried to be steady and have a few posts every month, but this last 2 months I've failed.. or not even tried. September and October were full of nothingness on the blog :-( I've been out of it! I'm not like most bloggers who pour everything they have into their blog. But I've definitely tried to be somewhat consistent this year. Epic fail! 

Things that have happened since I left my blogging world are, that I've started in the journey of homeschooling. Just getting started of course, and I've lots to learn! But with my Mother having schooled 9 at home, and my Mother-in-love having schooled 7 at home, I have awesome role models to look to :-) My oldest daughter just turned 4 years old! She's such a big, beautiful, sweet girl. Granted she picks on her little sister a good deal, but I do find myself saying "thank you for your help" to her more and more often :-) 

We both love using stickers to help her learn and remember things.

My Nephew was born, making me a first time Auntie <3 Although I have felt like an Auntie to my friend Bethanie's kids, as she and I were close growing up :-) Here's a picture of my Nephew Enoch! I was at his birth! 

Enoch with my girls <3  

My Brother Jonah got married, September 19th :-) Lots of things happening! As is common with large families... Jonah is fifth born out of 9, and his new bride Emily, has 11 siblings herself! I may have to post a blog on their wedding. It was in my parent's barn :-) Photo taken by my hubby. And yes, they are just kids :-)

 Just decided that I'll soon post a blog titled 'September' and post photos that were taken that month. Among them will be some wedding photos! And then I'll have to do the same thing for 'October' And I bet that most things from October are going to be things I've been busy sewing and have photographed. So you all can be on the lookout for those this month :-) Hope to be back soon! Things are busy, busy, busy!!!

EDIT: I found a way to change the dates on when posts are aligned in the blog... so I went back and filled things in! Check them out!! :-)