Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye July

So, as promised, I am posting pictures of some recent work. I'm not entirely sure I have all the pictures though. My hubby has the 2nd camera card at the moment, and I think there are more on there. But we shall proceed with posting this blog. I can update it later if needed. I'm actually going to do a little bit of cheating here.. its so close to midnight, and I said in my last post that I would blog again before July was out.. so its STILL July, with only 20 minutes to spare lol! The cheating I'm referring to is that I'm going to publish this blog post without the photos, so the time stamp reads 'July 31st' and I'm still in the 'July' window lol! Its bad, I know! :-P The pictures below are of projects finished in July 2015.


Top with the seamless sleeve!

 This is something I've been experimenting with. The criss cross nursing top. Here, done in maternity.

Here is the same top but with a band at the under bust and a loose fit for the belly area. 

Classic black

 ~  These two ladies went to Sweden ~

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Working long and hard!

Its been crazy around here lately! I've not posted on the blog this whole month! Near the end of this month I'm going to do a big post with all the pictures of all the projects I've done this month. I'm going to be like: "This is why you've not heard anything from me this month!" So yes, really busy around here! 

I'm sharing this (that I also just wrote on my FB wall) because its easy to copy and paste!!! And I know y'all will understand that the reason I'm tired is because I've been up late working on orders lol! So enjoy the following little story from my life.... 

 We're (or more specifically, *I'm wiped out) I was trying to rest after staying up late on Monday and Tuesday night, but Miriam was going to see to it that I didn't get my rest.

 So last night, we get home, and Miriam had fallen asleep in the vehicle right before 8pm. No big deal.. just put her to bed. I laid down on the couch thinking I'd get a little rest and then get up and work some more that night. No such thing... Jubilee and I both fell asleep. The TV and lamp stayed on all night long. This morning Miriam was up by 6am. Which was earlier than usual for her. At 6:30am, I hear through the speaker, on the house phone "Jackson County 911... Jackson County 911" Miriam had dialed the emergency number, and as is their procedure, a nice police lady came to make sure there wasn't an emergency. After visiting with the nice police lady, I was still exhausted, so I kept trying to rest while Miriam insisted that I should be up! She drug out shoes, toys, blankets, my laundry... At length I'd had enough chaos, and got up to raise a little chaos of my own! That girl was going to get it! One by one, I made her put back the things she'd pulled out! Now lunch is done, they've had strawberries out on the patio, been in the kiddy pool, got cleaned up, and are in bed taking naps! Praise the Lord! I'm working on getting my sanity back!! Here are pictures of my sleeping babies <3 Now for a shower and some coffee!! 

 My little tornado right here! 

Insisted she didn't need a nap :-) 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Long day + new project

I cried my eyes out after a very long day! I should have known not to spend more time in town with 2 very tired little children after swimming lessons. But I extended the trip to include dinner with extended family. I ran errands before dinner to fill in the time ((I didn't know dinner was going to happen today, it was a last minute thing. I decided that I could squeeze it in. Even though I'd not planned, wouldn't get a shower, and didn't even have a hair brush after swimming lessons!)) I showed up to see everyone else had time to make themselves pretty. My kids were exhausted and fussy. The food took forever to get there. I didn't eat much and what I did eat was cold. I was too busy caring for my baby who was not herself after such a long day. Being a mom is hard sometimes. In all we spent 9 hrs away from home today. So hard doing errands when your baby just needs a nap! Thankfully my 3 year old was adamant that she push the baby stroller, and she did a good job! 

So today has been long... I left my house before noon, took a friend dinner, got Chick Fil A, went to swimming lessons, at swimming lessons I learned that dinner with family was planned. I should have known it was best to just go home with my tired babies. Not to mention I was tired from being up since
5am, starting and finishing an order. ((I did the order after I'd first done a test 2 sets of swim bottoms I made this morning)) I'll put pictures of my test run below. I did a test before working on an order. I had 2 customers ask for the under belly band, instead of the over belly band on these maternity swim bottoms. And this was my first try at what they wanted. I hope they like how their stuff turned out. I have the test run, and one of the orders done; still have one pair to go. Maybe tomorrow. Now I need a hot shower and bed.  I'm wore out! Oh and I just remembered that I have someone coming at 10am to try on suits...and my craft room is a mess. But what else would it be right? No, sometimes its quite neat and pretty :-) I'm really tired.. as you can see, there are 2 paragraphs here and parts of them say the same as the other... but my brain is just too tired to put both of them together to make good sense. In other news, its been raining a lot! A crazy amount of rain!!! Now for pictures... 

Now I just have to wait for the buyer to tell me how they liked their swim bottoms.