Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bell's Wedding Wear

In the beginning I found an amazing looking pattern and showed it to my sister who was playing with the idea of making her own wedding dress (with my help of course). She loved the pattern and so we ordered it. We also decided that the bridesmaids (Anna and I) would use the same patten but change the style a bit and make ours shorter. This would he a bit tricky since the pattern only came in one size and it was the Bride's size. 
The pattern showed the bride's dress having a lace overlay in the picture, and so naturally this is what we thought we were going to do for Isabel's gown. When we arrived at Joann's and Isabel saw the sparkly fabric they had she was immediately drawn to it. Our plan quickly changed and formed into a new one. The brides maids were to be decked out in RED, oh my! It didn't hit me until we had my dress mostly done that I was going to have a RED dress! I'd never had a red dress before..unless you count the one time I wore one for going away at my wedding. Okay, back to sewing... I'll start by putting pictures of the Bridesmaid's dresses being constructed in here...oh, but of course, the pattern comes first so you can get an idea of what the end result will look like.

Vintage 1950s Sweetheart Wedding Dress Pattern - Simplicity 2066 - Empire Waist - Wing Collar Jacket - Size 16; Bust 34"

 * Isabel working on pinning the altered pattern to the red satin fabric.
*Jubilee had to get in on the action. She was so sweet, she wouldn't touch it because we told her not she sat there waving her arms excitedly!

Working in my living room. We have Jennifer at the ironing board. She was great help with some of the hand stitching we had to do. Me and then Bell. We also have folded laundry sitting on the floor? :-P

 All the girls, hard at work!

  Bell sewing and entertaining Jubilee at the same time. 

 So that was us working on the RED stuff, now for a few pictures of the WHITE stuff....

Pleats at the back of the Bride's dress. 

 Determining the length of the dress.

You can see the pleats at center back pretty well here. 




Getting Dressed...

 Bride and Mother of the Bride

 Beautiful <3

 With the Jacket on..

Looping our buttons :-)

 Outdoor pictures :-)


 ~ Favorite ~

 Lovely Bride <3

 Daddy with all his girls <3

~ Ceremony ~

That's All Folks!!!  :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Jubilee's *Button Story*

 This isn't really a sewing/project post but since it was related to items you'd use in crafts I figured I'd post it here too :-)

In October my sister Isabel got married. It was a lovely outdoor wedding with the reception in a great big barn! There were three photographers that day, and they got some great shots! My husband, Josh, was one of the photographers. The day after the wedding (Sunday) Josh and I were looking through wedding pictures in the office. Our little daughter, Jubilee,  (12.5 months) was playing contentedly in the living room with a jar of buttons I'd given her. A little while later Jubilee came crawling in to see us, just as happy as ever. Shortly after Jubilee came in to see us, I went out to the living room (for some reason I can't remember..) and I screamed when I saw buttons scattered all over the floor! Josh came when he heard me yell, and I said "I have no way to know if she ate any!" I was distressed to be sure. But there was nothing to do but wait... :sigh: 

On Monday morning there were buttons in Jubilee's diaper, at least five of them! I could see a bright green one lol! However I was not going to look further! Monday evening I was at my friend Tasha's house and told her the button story, she couldn't believe it! When I arrived back home later Monday night there were again, more buttons in Jubilee's diaper! O_o The next morning...for the last time, there were still more buttons!!! I texted Tasha and said "She's still pooping buttons!!" I estimate she ate about 20 buttons! My mom and inlaws got a big kick out of the story, as does everyone else who is told of Jubilee's 'Button Story'.

In the end it was rather funny, but oh my word!! What a child. I've said, "So, what we learned here is that Jubilee is dumb enough to eat buttons! Great!" :-P And what does that say about me? What kind of mom am I that I would let her eat buttons? I still can't believe it! The lid had been on the jar, she would have had to unscrew it! Absolutely crazy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tea Party

Two weekends ago I traveled out of town with my inlaws to see more extended family...which is not what I was scheduled to do that weekend at all! I was supposed to be spending Saturday getting my handgun carry permit, and I had completely forgot when it was. Going to the class would mean staying home by myself all weekend while Dear Hubby went off to see his family and do some scouting for a hunting trip. Well I was not going to stand for being left at home alone on the weekend. So on short notice I changed all my plans and packed to go! Saturday, hubby went off to the woods and the rest of the family piled in the van for a 2hr ride to Grandma's house. It was a great visit, one that I wouldn't have wanted to miss. Everyone had a fit over Jubilee, who had just turned a year old.
 My Grandmother-in-love enjoyed showing us things she was preparing for a fancy tea party she was apart of. I took a pictures because I loved what she made as party favors! Take a look at these adorable little tissue holders >>>

 Now from what I understand and can tell...she cut little rectangles/squares, hemmed the edges where the tissues come out..and decorated them with trim. Then folded the two centers together with the good side of the fabric on the inside and sewed the ends closed. Tada! So cute!!!

See her lovely tea set?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doctorate Robe

Once upon a time my friend Jennifer wrote me an email asking if I was able to make her brother (a professor of physics) a doctorate robe. Well, I didn't know about that but assuming there wasn't much I couldn't do, I told myself, "sure, I could figure it out". Come to find out there are no decent patterns out there for them and the reason he was wanting one made is because they're terribly expensive. If he was going to have one he was going to have it well made. He's one of those that if he has to spend money, he's getting the top of the line in whatever it may be. Geoffery brought to me a robe he'd borrowed from a friend, so that I could make a pattern from it. I only had a few days with the robe before I needed to give it back to Geoffery, so I took a bunch of pictures and did my best to make a pattern. Here are the pictures I took of the borrowed robe... 

The back

 Inside the yolk. It seemed that there was felt to keep the nice shape of the pleats.

 I measured how far apart the stitches were that held the pleats

 The Cuff.. It was velcro for closure and was serged right onto the sleeve. This part I knew for certain I could do better.

 The front... the zipper opened half way down the front of the floor length robe. And there was a large hook and eye at the neck. On the sleeves there were bands of velvet, three on each sleeve.

Here is my work process...

Remember, I had no pattern to go by at all, and no instructions whatsoever 

 This was the top of the sleeve. I marked all those blue lines with a pen and ruler.

 Sleeves, and body, before adding front...

 This was sort of a 'corner' where the sleeve met the back...if I ever did another, I'd find a way to eliminate the corners...
 Sleeve with bands on it.

 ~ Stitches ~


 The near impossible step of putting the body on the yolk! Gah!

 I was not overly pleased with how the 'corners' turned out


Finished Garment
My hubby modeled it for me.


In the end, everyone that saw it was really impressed but I felt it was less than 'perfect'. Still, it was a pretty cool project :-)