Monday, April 27, 2015

My Strawberry Room

When my Sisters and I were little, my Papa, (my Mom's Dad) gave my Mom some vintage Strawberry Shortcake fabric that he'd gotten at auction. Mom, knowing that we were moving to a new home, started planning the girl's room in Strawberry Shortcake. She put a wanted ad in the paper for vintage strawberry shortcake things, and used the fabric to make our blankets, valences, wall hangings, pillow cases, etc... The woman's ability to plan and craft things is amazing!!! When my Sisters and I outgrew the Strawberry Shortcake, it was all put in boxes to be kept for when one of us girls would have girls of our own. And since I loved it most, it was kind of understood that I would keep it. As it were, my first two babies were girls, and now their room is decked out in Strawberry Shortcake :-)  Over the years, before I was even married, I collected more Strawberry Shortcake things and fabrics. I am not going to use all of the fabrics and will de-stash some, but I was really happy to find the exact original fabric mom used and buy enough to make new blankets if needed.

Somewhere I have a picture of what my room used to look like but I'm not 100% sure where they are. But I can share pics of what my girls' room looks like now... 

Pull out bed! (This bed set made by my Husband's Grandfather)


Applique strawberry on pillow case. 

 So smart! These little fabric cutouts, that were meant to be pillows, mom used for several different things...

 These wall hangings originally had pink trim around them. I switched it out for red. Not sure if I should have left it or not...

She took the time to hand quilt them :-)

This is perhaps the most recent addition to the Strawberry room. Mom found this really large wall art piece on ebay, just a few months ago! Isn't it adorable!?!

 I should have taken a better angle of these pictures hanging on the wall... I may do that and update it. I guess I was trying to get them and the strawberry in the photo and forgot about taking a front facing shot of just the pictures...

 At the end of the bed, there's toy buckets, a closet..and down the wall a little is a shelf for shoes, and decor...

 Shelf for shoes and decor...

Top shelf. Most recent thing here is the dish from ebay. All the other things were from what Mom collected 17 years ago.

Dolls on the shelf

Shelf with dolls, books, and CD player for sleepy time :-) The phone and smaller doll were part of the original lot my Mom got for my room, the larger doll I just happened upon at a local swap! I just asked and she gave it to me :-) Totally awesome! Oh and the little cans were from ebay, bought this past year by my Mom.

Play Corner :-)

Wall art that my Mom acquired many years ago (like 17 years ago)

These corner shelves were at one point in my old room, but never with the Strawberry Shortcake theme. They used to be a cream color, and I painted them red to go with this room. 

I believe a neighbor lady gave us this mug..

A recent piece, from ebay most likely... 

 Strawberry Shortcake tins are from ebay, and the apron was made by my Sister, Isabel.

 Little kitchen type cabinet for play. Mom found it at a local antique shop. It was a lighter shade of yellow, but I painted it to match the bright yellow in the room. The spray paint I used did not cover all that well, so I'll eventually take it back outside for some touch up!

 This right here is brilliant!! Those little cut outs that are supposed to be pillows... who ever thought of turning them into wall decor?! Well, my Mom did, that's who! Totally awesome!! :-) She put batting in them, hand quilted them, and sewed a little plastic ring on the back so they could be easily hung on the wall!

 I have yet to make Strawberry Shortcake blankets for the doll beds...but I will at some point!! And when I do, I'll have to update this post!

Little prints above the door :-) 

And that's about it.. This is my Strawberry room :-) Love it!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where's your waist?

 This question has been asked of me constantly, as ladies are trying to measure themselves for a custom fit suit. Mostly we would run into issues when I asked for the torso length measurement. They want to know how to do that, and I usually explain and send them an example photo of someone taking that measurement. They're not my photos so I didn't feel like I should post them on my blog. I needed one of my own, so I took some, and had my sis-in-law help me with one of the pics. (As she so nicely decided to drop by as I was trying to take pictures of myself!!)

 I don't like stressing over whether or not the bodice is going to be the wrong length!  Like if I'm not totally sure they measured right, and that scares me to death! I mean, if its wrong, then I make the suit wrong!! I was struggling with this most recently when someone gave me their torso/body length and it seemed short to me. I wondered if she knew where she was supposed to measure to? But I've also wondered about this do you know where your waist is exactly? Don't laugh. I know I should know things like this! The style in question was the Ice Skater Suit, and that style sits a little below what I consider to be my waist. This I knew. But I didn't really grasp where the natural waist was... Always when reading pattern measurements, the waist seemed rather tiny. And I would always think... were people just smaller in yesteryear, and they never changed the average size chart? No, all of that is wrong thinking. And its wrong because the waist is not where we think it is!

 I have learned (from other expert seamstresses, and pattern designers) that the waist measurement on a pattern, is your Natural Waist. Well, where is your natural waist? Who decides that? Actually, I'm not exactly sure who decides it... but that's besides the point. I'm here to tell you where your natural waist is, where the suit sits in relation to the natural waist, and how to get your torso length measurement! So..

     "Your natural waist is your smallest part, it is also where you crease when you bend.
 It is not where folks today would wear their pants, that's for sure!"

Here are some pictures to give example... 

This is my own strange way of showing where your waist is... Yes, that's me with tapes and elastic around my waist, looking in the mirror, trying to take a clear picture! Hahaha :-) Yes, I am quite silly. 
 Your low waist, as I call it, is right around your belly button area, or perhaps below it... its right about where your hipbones start, and before the back of you starts to curve out towards your bottom. Low waist/high hip area. 

This shows how your natural waist is the point at which you crease when you bend...

So to get the measurements, you take a tape from the nape of your neck, down to your natural waist, and your low waist. You see how I am very long bodied? My natural waist is about 17.5", and my low waist is about 20". This is because I'm fairly tall at 5'10.5" and my length is in my body, not in my legs!

Now about finding the nape of the neck.. there's a little vertebrae that sticks out a little further than the rest, and you can go by that. Or some people say a good way to find the nape of the neck, is to wear a necklace, and where it lays is the nape of the neck.

Hopefully I covered everything, and not more than once. I was like really sure I'd put some info in here but then couldn't find it.. so I put it in (again?) Anyway. I hope this blog article is helpful!! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

So totally honored!

Most of the time, I've not met the people who order from me. But recently I was so flattered to receive orders from 2 friends. And one of these friends I was particularly surprised to get an order from. The reason I was surprised, is that I know she could make her own suit if she wanted to. I've seen suits she has made. So she either didn't have the time, or she thought that I would do a great job! Either way, I'm flattered that she wanted me to make her a suit :-) Totally honored to be entrusted with making their suits!

This is her suit... 

And this is her Sister In Law's suit...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Out Tomorrow

Prepping to send out a few orders tomorrow. I took pictures of 2 of the suits so far.

I know I've not posted in a loooong time!!! Its been a very wild past month. They say when it rains, it pours! And well, it must be true. I first found out that I needed a root canal, and that happens this week. Then, the very next day, my daddy was in an accident that put him in the hospital, in critical condition. Shortly after that, my hubby totaled his truck. The truck being totaled put it over the top for me. Too much to handle at one time! These days, any one extra thing that goes wrong makes me melt into an emotional puddle... for example, me crying on the State Trooper who pulled me over because I wasn't paying attention to my speed. Poor guy, I told him, it wasn't him that made me cry. I got a warning is all. Still didn't help my mood :-P Its been a rough time, and we're not though it. But in everything, the Lord has been gracious to all of us. Many people have loved on us and taken care of us in this time of Dad's healing. We are thankful that Dad is steadily improving, though it may be slow. Hopefully, I will get to see him this week.

I have things I'm planning to share on the blog, I've just have been a little distracted!! Tonight, I'm working on getting some orders ready to ship tomorrow. Take a gander at them :-) 

Suit #1. This suit is for Ann. Its a women's XL, and its being displayed on my newest dress form. Chest 47", Waist 36", Hips 48" so.. just about what my size 20 would be. Maybe slightly smaller in the waist and hips though.. So more like a size 18 with a slightly larger chest. 
 Anyway, I was working on a pattern that gave a flattering fit for the dress form. I called it the 'perfect size 20' :-)

Suit #2 is for my friend Corinne. Women's size small. 

 Blue Palms fabric. I think she will like this one very much!