Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maternity + Nursing Scrunch Top (new pics at last!)

I've made a number of these but never had the chance to take photos of them. The only photos I'd posted before were sent to me from a sweet customer, Susan. Here's the post where the pictures from Susan are. The first time Susan ordered she was still on the mainland, but shortly after, she moved to Hawaii! I just have to share 2 pictures she sent me :-) I was a little jealous of her home and asked her to send me pictures haha :-)

 Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Wish I could go there!! :-)

Sorry, I got side tracked! But can you blame me?!?! Surely not :-) Oh, another thing I found was that it only takes a few days for the mail to reach Hawaii. 

Now onto pics I took this past Tuesday... This is between a woman's size 18 and 20. If this print is well liked, I'll buy all that is currently in stock! So if you don't mind giving feedback, I'd appreciate it so much!! :-)


 Elastic casing at the under-bust.

Pinned to show how the nursing panel comes up over the bust to cover. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Experiment: Nursing Top

I came to a point of needing a mental break from orders. And it was really great to take a break! If I don't take time for some creativity I'll go crazy with all these custom orders that require me to pay close attention to details all the time. This was my mental break... I took some time on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to finally put this idea together! It had been sitting, cut out on my table for at least a week. And this idea has been rolling around in my head for about a year now. Its a criss-cross styled nursing top. I had one cut out last Summer and just never got it all put together. Its still in pieces. Just recently I cut out 2 from this shiny teal fabric I'd gotten in. It was light weight and sparkly! Like I said, I cut out 2. Both would look exactly alike on the outside, but the nursing access would look different on the inside. I had asked a friend if she'd be willing to try them both out and tell me which she liked better. Well, I put one together and decided it would definitely be the better of the 2 options, so I didn't bother putting the 2nd version together. I will still let my friend try it out and see what she thinks :-) As soon as I tried the first one on, I knew I wanted to make modifications to the neckline (I would personally like a lower cut on the black neckline) and cut of the front bodice (the teal fabric needed to come over and cover more of the chest.) Also, the black neckline was gathered too much with the neck binding (the binding needs to be looser so there will be less ripples at the neckline.) So don't judge too harshly, this is only the first attempt! :-)

This is me, Wednesday morning, just after 4am. It was one of my 'all hours of the night' sewing nights. Sometimes I go to bed about the time that other people are getting up! When the hubby is out of town, the wife will play (work/sew/pattern design) I went to bed directly after this (for a few hours)

Later on Wednesday my sister was over and she was able to take some pictures of me, for me. lol!

This is me at just after 4pm on Wednesday. I don't look the greatest since I didn't get a lot of sleep that morning. If I'd thought about it, I might have put some makeup on ;-)

Oh! The scrunching at the side.. I meant for it to be more scrunched than this but once it was all together I realized it wasn't cut long enough to have as much scrunch as I wanted. So I only gathered it up a little. I plan to cut it longer and have more scrunch.

After my sister left, I took some more photos on the dress form. 

I cut this one with a slight curve in at the back armhole, to sort of give a racerback feel. The fabric is light and airy. I thought my friend could use it as a workout/swim tank. That is, if she likes the design. The top part of this tank has 2 layers of the teal fabric, but the waist only has one layer.

The next few photos show the nursing access details...

Nursing panel pulled aside and pinned to show how easy nursing would be.

And now the inside.. :-)


Pretty Detail :-) 

So, what do we think???


Monday, May 11, 2015

Flexi Review

I believe this is my first review!! I'm reviewing a flexi clip, for a little lady named Taylor. Taylor is a consultant for the company Lila Rose, which makes hair accessories. Some are rather fancy, and could be referred to as "hair jewelry". :-) 

We're doing a rewiew on the flexi by name of, Turquoise Tranquility. I LOVE turquiose!!! And this is what it looks like: 

I'm sure you've seen these advertized around. I know I had before this review, but I had never tried one. Years ago I had something similar to a flexi clip, but it was made of leather and had a wooden stick. Because of the nature of those materials, and the fact that I liked to put my freshly washed hair up with it.. well, the wet eventually ruined the wood and leather, but mostly the wooden stick. I've not had hair accessory to create this style with for several years. I was all for trying it out! Plus.. I thought it would be fun to write my first review! :-) I knew it would be a little difficult to get pictures of myself, since I'm home so much of the time, with just my little children for company :-) I thought I'd get my Hubby to take photos for me, but he was awfully busy! My sweet neighbor, Logan, took photos for me. I think she did a great job!! :-)

This is my hair done up in a twist of my own. Its like a full twist + a tails up in one. If there are questions about how I did this one, I'll have a friend help me take pictures to demonstrate.

Side view

We used the size small for my hair, since my hair is not very thick at all!

True to it's name, the clip is flexible! I was pleased to be able to recreate this style in my hair after so many years.

 Now this is interesting. Instead of having a stick that is completely separate from the decorative hair accessory, this one is attached! Because of a slot in the metal stick, it is able to slide back and forth on the clip, to allow for styling your hair...and not loosing your stick!

And now, for some more pretty pictures... 


Another thing I was interested to learn about, was that Lila Rose now makes hair-sticks! I didn't know that before talking with Taylor and viewing her site! I also used to have hair sticks. As a girl, my Grandmother had given me some hair-sticks, and I loved them! They're such a fun thing to learn how to use! Here's a picture of what hair-sticks look like... 

Taylor is a very sweet young lady, and I saw she was a fellow crafter too :-) A kindred spirit to be sure! Check out her Facebook Fan Page.  And her Website, to view the many, many options of beautiful hair accessories!!!

Oh, and Taylor told me this morning that she's got a promotion going for New Lila Rose Customers! Buy 3 and get one FREE! Have fun looking!!! Contact Taylor for details:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I can't clean my craftroom because...

So true!!! Here is what I was distracted by on Sunday night... The Hubby suggested we go through boxes in our guestroom, and by the end of the night, I was sewing!!! 

I have boxes of fabrics for up-cycling into different things. You may find an old dress of mine, or a skirt, shirts, pants.. some of which were ruined by a stain and I figured I'd turn the good fabric into something else 'one day'... If not using for clothing, for making fabric flowers!!! :-) Also, you'll find clothing pieces that I mean to alter, regular clothes I meant to turn into maternity. Or like a short skirt that I want to add fabric to the bottom of, to make a new skirt. Such were the skirts and fabric I found on Sunday night... 

 Skirts I found...  or pieces of skirts I found...

 This had been a skirt of mine, and I'd cut off the bottom. It had some rather interesting/strange pleats in the skirt, but they had never laid right, and they had begun to come un-stitched!

These next 2, I found at a local clothing swap and picked them up for repurposing, since I thought they were not long enough as they were! And besides, they could use some flair! ;-) This one is a girl's size 12. I grabbed it specifically for my little Sister-in-Love. She's a 14 slim and I'm guessing this will work for her.

This is a girl's size 3

This is the fabric I found.. it had been a skirt. There were 6 of these very full panels in it. It was ridiculously full!

I cut some length off of each of the skirts, so the attached skirt would hit where I wanted it. I cut circle shaped, flaring bottoms for all 3 skirts, and pulled out a few pieces of trim. 

 The skirt was already hemmed, so all I had to do was sew up the side seams :-)

 Annnnd... here's my turnout! :D :D :D :D

 I've been wanting something to go with this deep orange shirt for a long time! BIG thank you to my neighbor who took these pictures of me! She did a great job!!

Here's the girls' skirts! 

 Cute huh? :D

 This skirt for Amy... well, she's just going to have to learn that her birthday comes whenever I feel like sewing for her. She may not get anything for her actual birthday, since you never know when inspiration is going to strike! I may not have the energy, inspiration, or time around her actual birthday...and so she'll get random gifts when I do have the energy and inspiration :-)


Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering what the brown skirt looked like before I cut it up.. it looked just like this black one. This one held its shape better so I don't have plans to cut it up. Found these at Walmart years ago. Was totally surprised! Skirts in Walmart?! And modest skirts at that?! Wow! Just had to buy them :-) They were only like $10.00 each!