Monday, February 23, 2015

Brilliant Design, and a crazy shipping detour!

In November I had a lady order 3 maternity suits. I will post pictures of all, but of my favorite, I will post a bunch! :-) This, my favorite, was done in navy. A navy print with white stripes on it, at the very top of the bodice, but the rest was solid navy. 

 At the moment, on my screen it looks more royal blue, than navy blue.. but it was close to navy believe me!

 This was all the customer's idea. She had me order the striped fabric and told me how she wanted the color blocking done. Cutest thing I've ever seen! At least, as far as maternity goes.

She also had this orange fabric special ordered from the Stretch House and asked that this one be made up all out of the same print. No solid swim bottoms. 

And she had me order this Zebra print for this top. 

The suits were sent and all was well. Plenty of time to get there..and then the wrench was thrown in.... Keep in mind that this has never happend to me before. But it did happen this once, and it was quite crazy. The shipping started out good for my Canadian customer. It left TN, went to NY, but then it did something very unexpected. I got an email from the buyer saying that she'd checked the tracking and it was telling us that the package had gone to (wait for it...) Tokyo, Japan! Talk about a major shock!! I talked to friends and the post office. The general consensus was that it must have gotten on the wrong truck!

 Unbelievably, my customer was calm, collected, and understanding through the whole time ( even though it was a short time ) of not knowing what in the world had happened! The tracking soon updated, and we could see that the mistake had been corrected, and the package was once again on its way to the customer! And I can say that I never want this to happen again!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Maternity Swim Bottoms (details)

I've not really had the opportunity to take close up and detailed photos of the maternity bottoms. That is until now. Since I bought a maternity mannequin, and it doesn't mind being photographed, I've been able to take some close up shots! These are fun with this wild and wacky orange print! 

These are a little longer than my norm, at the customer's request.

These are my own design, and they are not based off of any pre-existing garment. These were designed with my first pregnancy. You could say I used a draping technique to get the desired effect.


Close up shot of the back waist. You can see some of the detail stitching around the top of the Maternity Band. 

And that's pretty much it, for a detailed look at the maternity bottoms. Sometimes I have a more strait look to the skirt, sometimes its a little more full, or even slightly flared. My first set of bottoms was nicely fitted to me, but not knowing that my hips were going to change size by 4"!.... they were a little too snug by the end of my first pregnancy. After that, I started giving a little more grace in the hips!