Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gag gift for baby shower

For my friend Hannah's shower, I had an idea hit me when I read on the invitation that she did not want anyone to buy her disposable diapers because she was going to do cloth diapering. Just as I read that, it hit me. (me, the person who didn't do cloth diapers) I had a few empty diaper boxes that I'd kept. I thought it would be a good prank to wrap her gift in one of the diaper boxes. Ahahahaha! So mean >_< 

I made several goodies, and of course, I took pictures. I also took photos while I packed the box :-)

 This was my first no-sew blanket. With just one tip about the corners from my friend Brittney at the fabric store, I was off and running. It was a refreshing project since I didn't have to sit at the sewing machine..where I already spend so much time.

 Here's the box!!
I put some scraps in the bottom to weight it down..hoping that it would give it enough weight to make it seem believable as a box of diapers. 
 Then went in the blanket...

 Then the Bibs...

 and the little sensory Tugg&Teethe thing I made....

 Last were a few little onsies... 
When Hannah opened the box, her smile was like plastered on her face. I could just imagine what was going through her mind "I can't believe she bought diapers when I specifically asked everyone not to." I made sure to sit near her so I could tell her that it wasn't diapers and that it was a gag gift. She laughed; it was a good gag :-) 
A few weeks later I got around to finishing the burp cloths I'd cut out. They're very manly burp cloths. Daddy won't have any qualms about using these :-) 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Try-out: shelf lining+bra cups in swimsuit

 So, I was asked a few weeks ago to put a lining in a swimsuit. The customer did not want to wear a bra with the suit, and thought it would be just fine without only the lining. However, I knew better than that. It wouldn't work, not ever..simple as that. Come on ladies..who hasn't gone swimming and afterward been cold? What happens when you're cold??? Well, obviously you show through...

 A couple years ago I bought a 'Stop the Show' bra from 'Lily of France'. That bra is awesome! No way you're gonna show through, even if you were an icicle! I don't understand how most swimwear takes care of this issue, in my opinion it doesn't really...even ones with thin cups don't do a good job. 

  I'd considered once before putting a bra in a suit when someone had asked for it, but I shrugged it off when my mom said "Don't do that, its not worth the hassle" :-) But... this time I was sorta feeling like I wanted to try it out. So I asked the customer/lady if she would like to be my guinea pig for the project. She said she'd love to! I told her that I wasn't sure exactly how much support it would be but she was thrilled and didn't care how it turned out, so long as she was modest. 
 Eh, In any case I'll stick to wearing a bra with mine. But for everyone else who insists on having a lining, and cups.... Well, we'll get to that, just give me time :-) This one turned out really good. Take a gander at the pictures and see what you think... 

These cups are a DD, which is the largest size I found in the fabric store that I went to. Now, I like them pretty well, but I'd like to look for something a little less pointy if I were to do this again.

I turned the suit inside out so everyone could get a clear idea of what it looks like on the inside. This picture is gonna save me a lot of work when it comes to people asking what the inside of the suit looks I just show them the picture instead of trying to explain it!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Foldover Band

One of my recent customers, a lady who lives in Isreal, asked me to try a new waistband. She was a repeat customer from last year. She's been pregnant last Summer and ordered one of my maternity suits. This was her feedback for that suit:

"Hi there,
Thanks for following up.
I received the suit last week and wore it to the pool on Friday.
It fits well with plenty of room to grow.
So far I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to my friends.
Thanks again,

 (July 1st 2012)

So this year, after baby, she was thinking she didn't want the elastic band at the waist. I get that, the elastic band, especially if you have a 'fluffy' middle will cut into the waist and might be uncomfortable. She asked me for a band of fabric, sort of like I did for the maternity, but not :-) At first I told her I'd not done that before and that I'd probably just do the 3/4" elastic band. But afterwards I got to thinking and gave it a whirl. She was so close to my size I was able to try it out on me. Now I had terrible lighting for the pictures of that project, so the photos didn't turn out too good. But I will post them just the same.

I wrote to Tamar and asked how she liked the bottoms, but I haven't received a reply yet. But I also didn't get a complaint, so...I'm assuming she liked them :-)


The next suit I tried this on was one for my mom. I didn't measure her waist before hand, just went by a guess. It turned out okay but would have been better if the band was a little more snug. But seeing as we can put a dart in the back of the waist, its not a big issue. Here are pictures of her bottoms, one with a flash and one without....

I like the band idea and will be working to get it down to a science (size wise) :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

You can even ski in it! ;-)

My mom reminded me of something of something this week, something I could share with everyone. That they might get a good laugh out of it. Its a picture of me on the ski slopes in 2009 on one of our annual ski trips. I'd taken a bad spill after trying out the snowboard. And I mean it was really bad. I tripped up when the toe of my board caught on the snow. Fell face first, bloodied my chin and scrapped the skin off a spot on my right wrist, which still has the scar. Everyone asks me about it when they see it.
 Now it was a very warm day, the temperature was in the 40s. The snow was slushy but still we were able to ski just fine. I don't remember what what made me think of taking my swimsuit and skiing in it...but in any case. I knew it would be fun and would take my mind off my fall on the snowboard. I took the drive back to the condo and got my suit. Putting it on over my under armor leggings which just happened to be black and blue just like my suit. They matched quite well. It was tons of fun skiing in that suit. I got several compliments on my 'costume' lol! :-) 

This could also make a great modest ice skating suit...this is kind of what its named for anyway. Just because that's what it looks like to me :-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fabric Swap!

I stinking love the fabric swap! Can't remember who invited me to it but its cool! So earlier today I'd posted some destash photos so I could sell some of the things I didn't want and so I'd feel like I could buy some zebra printed flannel. I'm wanting the zebra print to make some burp cloths for a friend who's doing baby's room in zebra (Black, white, and pink). Usually I wouldn't think twice about it... But, we've managed to spend quite a bit of money lately, and when that happens I pull in the reigns a bit.
 Anyway, earlier I'd posted a few fabrics that I didn't need. Most of which haven't gone anywhere, but... the first person who asked me for this fabric, V

asked if I would be willing to swap. I told her that it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, and told her of my plan to get some zebra print. Later she comes back and asks if I was the person she was looking for zebra print for? I was like "Did you find some? That would be great!! What are the odds of that?" I told her I was thrilled! So I get to swap for what I wanted :-) Yay!

And of course this I was on the swap again. I saw another zebra print...and I went ahead and got that one too. :-P I should be set now! 

 Here's a picture of the second zebra print I got (far right)