Monday, September 29, 2014

Saved by my FB groups again!

Earlier this morning I posted about shrinking a favorite dress.. I had also posted in a sewing group on Facebook. Its called 'Sewing It Up - Sewing for Beginners'. I'm not a beginner by any means. I had applied to this group while I was waiting to be approved to some other group...and they were taking a while. I didn't expect to stay in the group, I was simply curious and wanted to take a look around. I haven't spent a lot of time there really.. But I tell you that I didn't expect to learn things from a group that was labeled "for Beginners" Its truly not just for beginners. Everyone helps each other out and its fun learning from each other! I know sometimes FB groups can take up time but lately they've saved me so much work its incredible. A guy in one group told me how to get the dumb pop ups off my computer, and I had a add-free computer in 20 minutes! Totally awesome!
 Back to posting in the 'Sewing It Up' group... This was the turn out:

One comment said:  "oh my i hate when that happens. how much did it shrink, maybe ironing it will help. you did a good job making it by the way."

 So I asked: So is it possible to wet it again and stretch it out???

Several comments later I got an answer to that question: "Savannah Carty, one way to tell. I would dampen the dress...really damp but not dripping...then press it, stretching it in the direction you need it to go, until is it dry. For instance, to make it longer, press and gently stretch while ironing from waist toward hem. To see if the bodice will stretch, press/stretch from center to side seams. Sometimes it will work, depending on fabric used." 

I have to say it worked quite well and I will not have to make another dress for next year, because I'll still be wearing this one! :-)

Oh darn!

Sad news... Last night I washed my barn dance dress and I guess it was the first time I had done that. When I pulled it out of the dryer I could tell it had shrunk! That was stupid. I should have either washed the fabric before I made the dress or air dried it last night. It had been 2 years since I made it and I guess I just didn't remember if I'd washed it or not :-( Now I'll have to make another before next year :-( I loved that fabric! Maybe I could find a similar one? I did get to wear it to 2 barn dances, and one thanksgiving, so at least I hadn't *just* made it. That would really stink. So now I'm in *what to do* mode. 


I wouldn't mind a teal blue/turquoise with brown dress.. but that probably wouldn't go well with whatever Josh is wearing..unless its like a solid brown? Or maybe it'd be fine. Or maybe I shouldn't worry about it and go with whatever I think would make a cute dress?



 I've had this corn cob fabric laying around for years. Its cool looking but I don't know that it would make a good barn dance dress. Maybe it looks a little silly/corny? *no pun intended*

Josh says its slightly silly. And its terribly hard to match the colors in it. Maybe I should just look for a new fabric... Opinions/thoughts for a new color scheme? I'd like to keep my style if I can :-) 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Requested wedding photos...

One of my blog followers asked for a few more pictures from my brother's recent wedding. I only have a few. They were taken by my husband, Josh. He was mostly the video person so he didn't take many photos :-) 

Bride and Flower Girls

 My funny Jubilee was such a ham for the camera that day :-)

 Wedding Party

 My Dad (best man) holding my cousin's daughter, and my daughter (2nd cousins)

 Hubby and I with the Bride and Groom.

 And again, my curly headed, Jubilee :-)

As time has gone on, my family has become more and more amazing at pulling-off a wedding. Everything keeps getting better. The planning, the decor, the loveliness!!! Even photography gets better with all its new trends, ever updating and becoming more awesome.

Unfortunately, that's all the photos I have. Hope you enjoy!

Upcycled baby clothes!

Upcycling clothes is fun! I put together this outfit for Miriam's 8 month photos.. 

keep scrolling to see more pictures and what this looked like before I put it together..