Thursday, November 6, 2014

Details, its all in the details...

My dad once told me that the devil was in the details... I was like 'huh?' What it means is, its the details that will get you. You've got to pay attention to detail to do a good job! It takes time and practice to get details perfect. I'm always working on getting my finishes to look sharp and professional. I took these photos of my most recent order. The sleeves are a bit longer than normal, due to customer's request :-)

I love my porch for taking photos!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christmas Wedding!

A friend of mine is getting married just after Christmas. I hear the colors are going to be lovely. Ice blue! Sounds dreamy! I had heard that the couple was not going to register for gifts, so I called the Bride's sister to ask some questions. I wanted to know what colors they wanted in the house so I could make her a little something. Blue and Yellow, I was told. This is what I came up with... Pot holders and a cute baking dish :-)