Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shirt Up-cycle

Random post about a little alteration I did. I found this shirt, that was a woman's small petite. And as I keep an eye out for clothes for my little sister in law, I snag things when I find them. Even if its something that needs a little altering. This one came from a local clothing swap. I thought it was cute and just right for my purpose :-) Its fun to up-cycle clothes! 

I took another shirt I found at the clothing swap (which said it was a women's small..but I didn't believe that. It looks like a girl's large to me) and used it as a cutting guide. I left it long and just took it in a bit. My sister in law is a tall, but tiny little thing, who wears a size 14 slim. The dress form that the shirt is on, is a girl's size 12. 

I used the serger to sew the side seam and folded the seam over at the hem, (just like you see many times with store bought items) and sewed it down with the sewing machine. I took the outdoor photos at my parent's farm, and that's got me thinking I should do it more often! So pretty there!!