Monday, August 31, 2015

A Baby Shower and the Masked Ladies!

This past Thursday we had a Baby Shower for my Sister's first Baby. The day before the shower, I asked my Mom if we could do something she'd done at a shower long ago. There was this picture that I remembered seeing. It had been taken at a shower which Mom had hosted, like 25 years ago. The object of the game was to scoop as many cotton balls out of a pot and onto your head as was possible (in 30 seconds), while blind folded. The blind fold was what made the game. It had a large set of eyes on it that made the wearer look hilarious! I wanted to recreate the game they were playing in that picture! However the picture was only in my memory. We searched Mom's photo books and did not find it. It must be one of my Aunties who has the picture in my memory. Mom and I recreated the mask by memory and we all had fun playing the game at the shower!!

Mom and I recreated the blindfold with large eyes!

My Sissy decorating

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stretchy Ties

Yesterday I posted on my facebook page, these pictures of a suit I'd done for one of my customers. She loved the suit and left me a lovely note that I've posted below. 

 The customer was very pleased with her suit. She wrote this: 

"Hi Savannah,
I got my swimsuit in on Wednesday, and I love it!!! It fits perfect and I love the style and print!!!! Thank you SO much! It is very well made, cute and modest.
You are doing a great work by providing modest swimsuits, in a day & age when most everyone wears bikinis!I will send a picture of me in my new swimsuit soon.
Thank you again, so much! I love it!!!!!
  PS. The fabric you tied on my package is now tied to the tail of a toy mouse for my cats. The mouse now has a very long tail and the cats love it because it's so bouncy when I play with them. :-) "

What she's talking about when she spoke of the fabric I tied on the package are these stretchy cords that I tie in a bow around the packages. I'm not absolutely certain, but its probably fairly unique to me. About 2 years ago I discovered this technique that I use to decorate my packages today. The bows I tie on the packages are simply swim fabric. The fabric is cut into 3/4"- 1" strips and then stretched until it curls up into a pretty, stretchy tie! Depending on which way the fabric stretches (and you'll have to test it out) it will either curl up to show either the inside or the outside of the print. I want the outside of the pretty print to show. Certain fabrics may not want to curl up, but when I find one that does, I try to get several strips out of it and curl them!! Here's 2 example pictures below... 

*A later edit*

 She sent me photos of her wearing the suit at the beach :-) 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


3 pictures from today...

 Today I went searching through my fabric boxes that hold small pieces of swim fabrics. Earlier this Summer I took the opportunity to buy some (okay, many) factory sample fabrics. Some were 1/2yd - full yard pieces, and others were less than half yards. This white box in the picture is the latter. Small pieces. I received these fabrics, many of them, but with almost no matches. All different! I figured these would be great for making girl's scrunchy tops and posting them for sale. *I won't include these in fabric options for custom made things. (it would simply take far too much time to take a couple hundred pictures, of these fabrics that don't have any quantity to speak of.) 

 I was looking for a print with red in it. I was hoping to find something to make a swim top to match my Toddler's red swim bottoms. I came up with these. (okay, so these weren't the only prints I found with red in them... these were just what I felt like at the moment :-) Funny how picking fabric can be determined by what your mood is lol!) I was having a difficult time deciding, but someone in my craft group said stripes may look boyish. Another commented that they liked the floral print. So I think I'm going with that one. But someone else also suggested putting a bow on the striped top. That could be cute too. Decisions, decisions... Feel free to give an opinion on it if you like :-)

 I was also blessed to be able to de-stash the fabrics I would not use. The middle package was an order, but the priority packages were fabric that I re-sold and sent out today! :-) So awesome! Very thankful! 

In all honesty, its been a long 3 weeks.. and its going to get longer :sigh: This is keeping me going tonight... Streaming music from Way-FM Christian Radio Station.   

Friday, August 7, 2015

Peanut Butter Peel

I know its not my usual to give tips and advice, or how to's.. but in this case I am definitely making an exception!! 

 Have you ever tried to get a label off of a jar, or some other object? Tried soaking it in water and soap? Scraping and scrubbing at it maybe? I know I have! I was introduced to this Peanut Butter Peeling trick about a year ago. I have to say that it works great!! All you need to do is cover the sticker/label in Peanut Butter and wait. The last label I removed, I waited about a whole day. It doesn't work super fast, but leave it on there long enough to let the oils completely soak into the label.... and wha la! My label nearly fell off all on it's own! This makes the label come off completely clean! If you haven't tried it, you should! 

This is the little stool that my kids use in their bathroom. It had 2 stickers on it. I had removed one and thought I was done. But there was another on the other side lol! This little stool came from kids R us. You're looking at the back side of the label. And as you can see, it came off all in one complete piece. Look how smooth that is! The plastic stool had no sign that there was ever a sticker on it. The Peanut Butter Peel worked perfectly! :-)