Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where the seamstress went...

Here and now...and some past

**A few thoughts I had started to share in a group on Facebook turned into a news update lol! I actually moved the *now* thoughts near the bottom, after the last picture, because it didn't make much sense to have them at the top. I'm posting this in the sewing blog as well as my personal...just so everyone knows where I went! Its been a while since I've written anything!**

Between January and July I had more sewing orders than I needed/wanted. It was a good time of being really busy, but by the time June got here I was in over my head with more work than I could do sewing wise. My mom and sister, Isabel, took on some work too. When I got so many...I guess I could have kept them going but I just felt swamped and needed to slow things down. Orders have been closed since the end of June, but I didn't get them all out until the end of July. I became busy learning about canning different things (other than salsa which I'd already achieved in previous years) Here's a picture of what I've done this year... Its not much compared to lots of crazy canning people I've come across in the canning groups on Facebook, but I'm slowly working on learning more. On top its all Jelly. Blueberry-Peach, Blueberry, Peach, Apple Blueberry. The second shelf is peaches and apples. Bottom shelf, and what is beside the bottom shelf is all salsa. Random jars off to the far left are more of what didn't fit on the shelves.

 (later realized that a hand full of jars didn't make it into this picture)

We went on vacation to the beach early this month. My whole family went. It was different this time, my little family was tagging a long with my big family. *Being the oldest of 9 makes it a big family* :-)  I remembered as a kid/unmarried person, when going to the beach we always made sure we took at least 2 swimsuits with us. (the girls would anyway) We'd come up from the water and change into a dry suit, wear that until we went back to the water. I remembered that we even slept in them :-) Those suits always were so comfortable. Good memories.
 Jubilee had 2 suits this year. I had one. But I didn't need more than that. I didn't spend near the amount of time in the water that I had in my younger, more care free years :-) This time I would go up to the room at mid day, do lunch, put baby down for a nap, do some cooking... yep it was different having my little family at the beach. 
In 2011 I had gone to the beach with my family, and without my husband (who was working in another state). At the time I was expecting Jubilee. So this year was the first year that Jubilee and Josh were actually with me at the beach :-) Here's 3 of my favorite pictures we took one evening at the beach... 

 I got lucky catching this one, they were playing peekaboo behind the tree and the camera kept wanting to focus on the tree. Its still not the most clear on Jubilee's face.
 More peekaboo. Jubilee was being a stinker and wouldn't smile.

Josh and I

At the moment my house is a wreck. I know its mostly because I'm in a phase of pulling out maternity clothes and putting away ones I know I won't wear for a while. Also putting away summer clothes, for my daughter, Jubilee, and pulling out fall/winter things. And getting ready for baby in the new year...and lots of other organizing things. But man, is it nuts here right now! I really wanted to get house in order for hubby coming home tomorrow night...but who knows..he may not get to come home until the weekend if he's slammed at work anyway.

My most recent project is training panties for Jubilee. We started on Thursday, and I'm really pleased with how well she's doing. I got into the training panties sewing project and found it to be a bigger pain than I'd thought. Having my machine act up on me really compounded things for me. (I don't want to talk about it. Not now anyway) From where I sit now, I know that I could very easily be happily, busy with preparing for baby, sewing some maternity clothes, and whatever other projects I felt like until baby comes...and never even get a back to swimwear. (I do have several friends expecting and I need some time to make baby shower gifts!!!) BUT...I really wanted to get a pattern out before baby came. So I'm still going to try for that. But gee, I'm busy! I am thankful to the Lord for my little family, our church family, and I am especially thankful that this pregnancy has been much easier on me than my first. It is what I asked for after all lol! I asked the Lord for an easier pregnancy, and He certainly gave it to me :-) Really I was mostly asking for an easier birth and recovery...and....I'm still praying for that! Goodnight all!