Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Coverstitch Machine

Ever since I saw cover stitching, I've wanted to do it. Even the cover of my serger manual shows cover stitching. **But I can't figure out how to do it with that machine. I suspect you need a completely different plate to sew on. Which means you'd have to convert from serging, to cover stitching, and back again..whenever you needed to! I'd definitely rather have separate machines! What I can't believe is that my manual doesn't tell you how to do it! Grr!** Anyway, this story has to do with an actual cover stitch machine. 

I'd seen them online and researched them a little. I figured I'd get one someday and it would probably cost $300.00 used. I was basing that theory off of what a used serger might cost. Fast forward months, maybe over a year... I was sitting in  my parent's dining room, visiting with my mother, and my Grandparents who are from out of state, when my eye caught sight of something that was sitting in an open box, in the corner of the room. Sticking up out of the box, I saw serger spools and the metal rack that looked like a serger. I had to go investigate, to see what was in this strange new box... I looked at it, puzzled for a minute, and then it hit me! I said "This isn't a serger." A couple of people at the table replied "Yes it is." And I was like.. "No, it not, there's no knife to cut the fabric, so its not a serger. Its a cover stitch machine!" I was excited!! My grandparents told me they found it at an auction and brought it to my mom, thinking it was a serger. They said they paid $50.00 for it. I was thinking that mom sure was lucky!

A few months later mom gave the machine to me, claiming that she hadn't the time to learn something new, especially since she didn't sew much anymore. Boy! Was I thrilled!!! Alas, it sat in a box at my house for a few more months until I took the time to learn how to thread it. When I did take the time, it only took about 30 minutes to figure it out and get sewing on it. The machine works great, and is easy to use!

I used it to make training pants for my daughter when she was potty training.

A few months after I started using it I ran across someone selling the exact model, used, in a fabric swap on Facebook. They were asking $699.00 for it! I was floored! If they were asking that for a used one, then what did they sell for new?!?! I didn't know so I asked the people in the group. They said between $1400.00 and $1600.00! I was like "No way!" If that was true, I never would have bought one..not even a used one! I did some searching online and it seems the price they gave was a little high. Aparently babylock is a great brand, and they run between $1200.00 and $1400.00! So, in the end, my Grandparents paid $50.00 for a really expensive machine, and I got it for free! How's that for awesome!? :-) 

 My mom recently took a trip to Guatemala with my dad and some of my siblings. She had these athletic pants with a certain color stripe down the leg, and wanted shirts to match. She found the shirts, but they were long sleeve, and she wanted short sleeve. No big deal, just cut them off and hem them! You'd never know they weren't factory sewn by looking at them! 

I've used it on pajamas and outfits for my daughters...

 Love this addition to my sewing tools! :-) Thank you Grandma, and Grandpa! If you need anything hemmed, don't hesitate to ask!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas + Sewing

Its been too long since I've posted anything! Not that I didn't have things to post, I've just been super busy! I had more stuff ordered in November than I did in June or July! November didn't top April or May, but was still my busiest November yet. Of course I had my shop closed down in the Fall/Winter these past 2 years. In 2012 I closed so I could sew for my sister's wedding, and in 2013 I was so burnt out by the multitude of orders that hit in the Spring that I needed a physical and mental break, so I closed, went on vacation, and prepared for the new baby coming. That was the rest of 2013. I opened for orders again this Spring and haven't closed yet.

So these November and December orders are just about coming to an end for me. Shipping out the rest of *before Christmas orders* today. Then I can focus on Christmas sewing for me. Yay! 

 I'm working on this for my little Sister in Law

It will look like this when finished: