Modest Swimwear, the History

Where it all started...
This page is on the history of our modest swimwear.

The story started back in 1990 when a dear friend, Rose Kimmig, had come to my mom saying "We need something modest for our girls to wear swimming." Now my mom, having sewn leotards for her gymnastics team in high school, had some background in sewing stretch fabrics. She started drawing, and she says that some of her first designs were nothing more than a regular one piece with a ruffle on the bottom. Lol! :-) too funny. She kept drawing until she'd come up with something suitable. The basic design was a tank top with a skirt on it and pants underneath that were separate. Please scroll down to see pictures.

 Picture of me at two years old :-)

 Mrs. Rocky Bene
This style was one of the first. I'm not sure what the yellow stripe is at the waist but I'm supposing it is a thick elastic band. I call this "The Original" style. The bodice had what we called a 'bib' over the bust. the skirt was gathered to a 'belt' at the waist.

 Mom and I at a Florida pool

 From left to right, we have me, Abigail Kimmig, April Kimmig, and my mother, Donna.

 Mom's postcard
 She gave these out to people so they could send them back in with their pattern order.
 Modest Apparel
Girl's Pattern
Many of these were printed and sold to many places in the U.S. After the move to TN we still had many of them in boxes in our basement. Most were ruined when water invaded the basement. Only a few were saved. I have only a handful of each left.

Modest Apparel
Women's Pattern 

Other old pictures below... 

Dad, Mom, Micah and I at the beach :-)

My brother Micah and I

 Anna, Isabel, and I, at Bear Lake in Florida

Anna, Isabel, Micah and I 1995

Me at the Starling's in TN


 Anna, Isabel and I


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