Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gainesboro Poke Sallet Festival 2016

This post has nothing to do with sewing... just a day in the life! 

 Last weekend there was a festival in our little town. I took my youngest daughter and the camera for a tour around the square. I've wanted to take some photos of local shops for quite some time now.. and I just don't usually have the camera with me, when I have had the chance to look around. I took this opportunity to practice some photography. My hubby gave me his camera when he updated to new equipment and I am very slowly picking up how to use it. I've used it in auto mode for some time now, but I'm trying out more of the functions now. Its nothing spectacular but I'm learning and I have fun! I've recently been playing with the white balance.

First stop was the Pickett Fence (an antiques and more place)

 The owner of the Pickett Fence is always painting anything and everything. Here she's painted coordinating things in peaches and turquoises. No doubt for the Summer season to give things a Beach feel.

 She makes figurines, dolls, and other interesting things from gourds that she grows, dries, and then decorates!!

 She has a Christmas section, as well as Fall. I've been wanting to get photos of her creativity for some time!

 A booth in the Pickett Fence. People rent spaces and put their artwork or antiques up for sale.

 I'm not 100% sure, but I'd bet this was painted by the owner of Pickett Fence.

I liked this pretty chest. I'm always looking at chests and wishing I could get one to put fabric in... but, I'll likely never get one for fear that something inside the wooden chest would snag my swim fabrics.

Wizard of OZ figurines made from gourds lol! 

Pretty Arrangement :-) 

Next we went to the Vault Boutique. Its fairly new to Gainesboro. 

 The Vault gets it's name from the fact that the building used to be an old Bank. And the vault is still in the building. They use the vault as their dressing room! So fun!

I tried, but I could not get the colors to come out well in these pictures of the vault door. Still have learning to do apparently!! 

Around the back of the Vault, there is a bakery, and the entrance to the dressing room...

 Dressing Room

Back out on the street, there were many booths with folks selling many trinkets!  

 Before leaving we visited the Petting Zoo

This didn't come out clear (they didn't give the camera time to adjust haha) but I wanted to include it because its cute :-) 

 On our way out, Miriam was captivated by some pretty dogs. The lighting made these photos really pretty!

Folks relaxing in the shade. 

Miriam and her Lemonade :-)  And that was a day in the life! :-)

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