Thursday, April 21, 2016

Maternity Scrunch Top (with elastic) 2016

Okay everyone..a switch has been made! I know that my first style of maternity scrunch top was wildly popular, but, I have discontinued making them for the time being. In it's place is a very similar top. Practically the same style, but instead of ties in the sides, there is elastic creating the scrunchy look. The reason for the switch is the time difference that it takes to create the tops. The ones with the ties were really killing my productivity time.

To answer the question: "How will this fit me if I'm not pregnant?" See pictures below. I am not prego in these pictures. My 'Natural Waist' (tiniest part above the bellybutton, also where you crease when you bend) is 27", and my low waist/high hip/below belly button is about 31".  This is how it looks on me. 

You can tell that it fits in the chest but the stomach area is loose. 

And here is me wearing the top with maternity belly pillow. (Just like they have at the maternity clothing stores lol!) Here you can see that it stretches around very nicely. I have a standard cut which is a one-size-fits-all. I can also cut it fuller for a looser fit, or for ladies who feel they get extra round (more so than others) with baby. 

I also want to make a statement about the top with the ties vs the top without them. It seems that some people have gotten the idea that the top with ties had adjustable fullness just because the ties could make it longer. That isn't exactly true. The ties may have shortened or lengthened the top, but they were not able to take fullness out of the top.


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